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“The basic difference between 5 sensory people and 6 sensory people, is that 5 sensory people follow ego based law — which can be summarized quite simply as me against you, and you scare me. And so we put up our barriers, we operate from fear. 6 sensory people on the other hand, don’t operate from ego based law, we operate from spiritual law. We realize we are spiritual people; we don’t look *at* life, we *feel into* it.

6 sensory people say: me and you, how are we alike? And because the Universe, at all times, is perfectly organized energetically: why are we together? and, what are we here to learn from each other and what can we create?”

The above is a quote from Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette. I know we’re not all perfectly aligned spiritually at all times; there are occasions when our defenses rear up in relationship to others. However, what if we stopped and just observed those defenses as present within ourselves, and then asked:

“How are we alike?

Why are we together?

What are we here to learn from each other?”

I just had a meeting with someone that I had a little trepidation over, my guard was up a bit. I noticed it and then breathed into those questions. Just asking the first question — how are we alike? — dropped the guard and my heart opened.

The moment I have a guard up, I am at war with life. The moment I drop that guard I resume a friendly relationship with life. When I’m in a friendly rapport with life, all sorts of things happen to surprise and delight me.

This is just a really easy way to be with me and you and three simple questions. I notice as soon as I say me and other people, or me and everyone else, or me and them, I have already begun to separate myself. So, I like ‘me and you’; we *are* in this together. I want to practice inquiring about that at all times, especially when those little buggers get stuck in my craw.

If you’re in my experience, you’re there for a reason. May I see our likenesses above all else, and remain curiously open to what we have to teach each other.

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