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Grace_wordleI am continuing to listen to the Hay House online global event.  Today I am highlighting Michael Neill’s interview.  He has an interesting take on the meaning of the biblical Garden of Eden.

“We were all born in Eden.  We were all born in a State of Grace.  The story of the fall from Eden, is the story of each one of us going from the innocence and grace that we are born into, eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  In my world, the tree is simply the world of personal thought, where we begin to create our own world, our own experiential reality, via this amazing gift we all have — to think — and then we get lost in that.  We get detached from the Garden and we think that it’s this place outside that we then have to strive to get back to.  But the return to Eden is only ever one thought away, because the moment you step outside your personal thought system you drop right back into that place of Original Grace.  You drop right back into that Garden, and it’s as if you never left.  Now the truth is, you’ll leave again because the nature of thought is: we are not going to stop thinking any time soon in our lifetime permanently. What happens is, you start to realize, either I am living in my thinking or I am living in Original Grace, then it gets uncomfortable when my thinking takes me away from that Grace, that peace and clarity; so it becomes easier and easier for me to return to Original Grace.”

I would add that Original Grace is only one breath away.  Ahhhh, deep conscious breath everyone.  Fill those lungs with a big In-SPIRIT-ation, let it slowly go and flow all the way through every little pore, sinking deeper into that place that’s never left you, not even for a millisecond – Original Grace.


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