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Bethie’s back!  I have just returned from a several day training in Carlsbad, California.  This is the third year in a row that I’ve trekked down to Carlsbad for workshops.  I absolutely love it there!

I am ever so busy plunging myself back into life.  So, indulge me one more time as I re-post below, “Buddha Goes Surfing”,  the inspiration that came from my very first visit there…

I just wanted to briefly share how much I loved watching the surfers at Carlsbad beach.  I found myself quite entranced by the whole dance of surfing.  I watched how they moved in towards a wave and I began to see how surfing moved in stages.  It seemed first there was the anticipation of the wave and then choosing where to be with it.  I noted the expectation, the planning, all the way through riding the wave.  What one might call the stage of fruition or in some cases non-fruition.

It struck me how this is really a metaphor of how everything moves and develops in life.  The stages of anticipation, the planning, then carrying out the plans, the doing and finally culminating in fruition or non-fruition.  This is how we buy a house, those new shoes, that new car.  These are the stages in how we accept a new job or even interview for one.  It’s the cycles of that project at work.  This is how a garden grows and so much more.  It’s essentially how everything is created and developed.

In light of that, fruition or non-fruition doesn’t really matter because there is ALWAYS another wave!  And knowing this we can move in the flow and let the current carry us along; we don’t have to buck that current.

By the way, didn’t you just love the title of this piece?!  Yup, tell your friends you read the news here first: Buddha Goes Surfing and his message to all — all is well, no worries, go with the flow because there is always, always another wave.

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