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Adventure begins with you, personally.

It is in the way you look at things.

It is the mental stance you take as you face your day.

It is finding magic in things.

It is talking with people and discovering their inner goodness.

It is the thrill of feeling a part of the life around you.

The attitude of adventure will open things up for you.

The world will become alive with new zest and meaning.

You’ll become more aware of the beauty everywhere.

Nothing will seem unimportant.

Everything will be revealed as having pattern and purpose.

~Wilfred A. Peterson~

When I remember, I like to move about my life as if the Universe, God, whatever name you want to put to it, is always in conversation with me.  Frankly, it is, whether I acknowledge it or not!  Your body and mine is downloading it’s exquisite, finely tuned guidance, even as I type.  It’s not just that though, when I’m fully here and present, I am most open to this conversation.

We are intrinsically endowed with Its bounty, nothing ever to pursue.

It’s a daily offering sprung from the depths of the Divine One, presenting itself to us ceaselessly.

It’s miracle after miracle unfolding before us.

Each an opportunity to notice, to marvel, to commune with.

It is communion with Spirit!

Every instant this vast sea of renewal, beckons us to awaken, to engage with this adventure on purpose.

“And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance … I hope you dance.” ~Tia Sillers/Mark Sanders

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