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Short answer: you don’t.

The question is not how do you live with mistakes. It’s: how do you live with courage? How do you live with stepping out on a limb? How do you live with taking risks? How do you live with moving out of your safety zone? How do you live with the backbone to say: I think I can try this new thing that I’m not quite comfortable with, but I’ll try it anyway. How do you live with that kind of adventuresome spirit?  How do you live with determination? How do you live with pluck and spirit? How do you live with tenacity? How do you live with just pure spunk?

Oooh, let me gather courage, risk taking, backbone, adventuresome spirit, determination and pluck and spirit, tenacity and spunk. Let me gather them at the helm of my sleigh and with a jolly glee say: on courage, on risk taking, on backbone, on adventuresome spirit, on determination and pluck, on spirit and tenacity… and spunk with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight!

Zig Ziglar once said something that floored me at the time. I had been raised with the old adage, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. A good many inventions we make use of today, not the first of which is the light bulb, might never have come about if it hadn’t been for the persistance of one man to hold a vision of what he wanted and let nothing deter him from that. That’s courage, that’s determination, that’s pluck and spirit…It’s all of that. Back to Zig Ziglar, he said: ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly, until you can do it well’. Don’t you just love that?!

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