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“Whose opinion matters?”

That was this week’s powerful question.   I looked up the definition of opinion: “a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.”

Now realize how many of us have formed our identity or parts of it, based solely on the opinion of another. That’s quite a lot of power given to something lacking in certainty.  This then becomes the inner tyranny of an opinion blindly accepted as reality.  All the more reason why this is an important question: whose opinion matters?

My first point here – an opinion is just that, it’s not truth.  And the second point, we could whittle down all expression as having two basic premises.  One premise is, it’s based in love, and the other is that it’s a crying out for love.  It’s then worth asking – whose opinion matters and which opinion matters?  Is it expressed in love or is it a crying out for love?

Consider ignoring any expression that isn’t founded in love, including your own inner commentary about yourself.  Next time you or I hear that little voice (yours or others) that gives you a little kink in the solar plexus, realize your body just sounded the alarm – you are believing something that is untrue.  And, we hold all the power and the freedom to choose anew.

In today’s atmosphere of politics and freedom, realize there is no greater inner tyranny then to blindly legitimize anyone’s conclusions concerning us.  More important then who is running the country, whose opinion is running us?

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