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In an email exchange today, my friend Luana, spoke of Joel Goldsmith’s teachings:

“He teaches that we’re a clean slate upon waking, so every day really is a new beginning.”

Then I found a quote by George Washington Carver that spoke, in part, about how “God draws aside the curtain.”

Together, they both inspired me to see each new day as just that – a day where God draws aside the curtain to a clean, fresh day.  Not just another day to get by or push through – a day to be the living, breathing, conscious verb of glorifying all that has been given to me in this new day.

I could spend my day with my history and my pain and my failures.  I could also live the day as a blessing waiting to be unwrapped by my eyes and my grateful heart.  Given the choice to drown in a sea of pain or float effortlessly on a sea of bliss — hmmm, which shall I choose?  It’s a no brainer, right?  But ah, that history can be seductive!

And yet, each day, patiently and silently God draws aside the curtain.  I awake, I peek around that curtain with all the innocence and curiosity of a newborn, because that’s what the newness of this day and this opportunity really represents.


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