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“Life has an astonishing

way of taking care of you

when you no longer

mind what happens.”

~J. Krishnamurti~

There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just because you’re no longer attached to the outcome.  Nor am I suggesting we stop caring altogether, of course we care.  What is present, though – what seems to orchestrate things on our behalf whether we are in the receptive flow of it or stressing over it?

It’s the invisible thread that weaves through the fiber of all life.  It is the unfailing love and grace that is the foundation of this world, ever faithful to us even as we may turn away from it.  Call it God, call it Universe, call it the Divine One, the Great Mystery.  It doesn’t matter what name you call it; many ways to honor the same thing.

Something inexplicable and ever-enduring has got your back and mine.  No one is alone here.  No one has to do it all by themselves.  This is your eternal blessing.

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