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My life is mirrored in

A morning glory

Japanese Death Poems: Written by Zen Monks
and Haiku Poets on the Verge of Death

Such a short and simple little poem, yet when I read it, I gasped at how strikingly it landed in my heart.

One would hope that we don’t have to be on the verge of death to really “get” this at our deepest level.  I’ll include another poem today that I wrote awhile back, inspired by the words of Thomas Merton.

“This day will not come again.” ~ Thomas Merton

First blush of morning erupts
Songbirds usher in fresh beginnings

* * *

This day shall not come again

* * *

Summer afternoon arrives on the tuft of a breeze
Expectant sunflowers bow their ample heads

* * *

This day shall not come again

* * *

Evening huddles in city streets and forests
Day surrenders to the gentle hush of another night

* * *

This, too, shall not come again


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In an email exchange today, my friend Luana, spoke of Joel Goldsmith’s teachings:

“He teaches that we’re a clean slate upon waking, so every day really is a new beginning.”

Then I found a quote by George Washington Carver that spoke, in part, about how “God draws aside the curtain.”

Together, they both inspired me to see each new day as just that – a day where God draws aside the curtain to a clean, fresh day.  Not just another day to get by or push through – a day to be the living, breathing, conscious verb of glorifying all that has been given to me in this new day.

I could spend my day with my history and my pain and my failures.  I could also live the day as a blessing waiting to be unwrapped by my eyes and my grateful heart.  Given the choice to drown in a sea of pain or float effortlessly on a sea of bliss — hmmm, which shall I choose?  It’s a no brainer, right?  But ah, that history can be seductive!

And yet, each day, patiently and silently God draws aside the curtain.  I awake, I peek around that curtain with all the innocence and curiosity of a newborn, because that’s what the newness of this day and this opportunity really represents.


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Angel Messages



You know ever since I moved here to Washington I wanted to find someone who did Pilates.  After I injured my back doing yoga, while training to be a yoga teacher, I took up Pilates.  And I was religious about it and in really good shape back then living in Texas.

I couldn’t find Pilates in my hometown out here.  Over time, I gradually gave up exercise period.  I’m at the grocery store yesterday and now they have these advertisements on the carts and there’s one for Pilates.  I call the number and she’s right here in my little itty bitty town.  She has all the equipment (I hate mat only Pilates) and does it out of her home for a third less of what I used to pay, and wait there’s more — she only does private sessions (I don’t like group Pilates either).  Who knew?

So today I pull an angel card and it’s a message to get back into exercise.  What kind of an angel says this??  The Pilates angel?  Too funny and yet so affirming.

We are heard, held, nourished always.  Whatever is right for us in the moment, it’s always there and available.

I have a home made well being card that reads: maybe love is waiting at the end of every road.  Never mind at the end of every road – love is here right now (Pilates angels, too).  And, I would add, there’s no maybes about it.

“There are two ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”   ~Albert Einstein

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Image Locale

Yesterday’s post was this quote: “All any feeling wants is to be welcomed with tenderness.” (Jean Haner)

Can you take that in?  Is there any resistance to welcoming any feeling with tenderness?  It’s ok if you said yes, really it is.  It only points you to the places you have yet to allow your love.  It’s all any feeling is asking for, not judgment which is the antithesis of tenderness.   We know the voices of the judgment triplets well: coulda, woulda, shoulda.

To truly allow is to welcome whatever comes including any resistance to allowing.  Welcome that, too, with tenderness.  The moment you shine love where there was judgment of self, that familiar tension you carried with it releases, as do those feelings.

We are taught from the Bible that judgment day is coming.  For some of us, it’s been here all along.  How about entertaining a new paradigm?

Non-judgment day is Here.

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“All any feeling wants

is to be welcomed

with tenderness.”

~Jean Haner~

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“Life has an astonishing

way of taking care of you

when you no longer

mind what happens.”

~J. Krishnamurti~

There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just because you’re no longer attached to the outcome.  Nor am I suggesting we stop caring altogether, of course we care.  What is present, though – what seems to orchestrate things on our behalf whether we are in the receptive flow of it or stressing over it?

It’s the invisible thread that weaves through the fiber of all life.  It is the unfailing love and grace that is the foundation of this world, ever faithful to us even as we may turn away from it.  Call it God, call it Universe, call it the Divine One, the Great Mystery.  It doesn’t matter what name you call it; many ways to honor the same thing.

Something inexplicable and ever-enduring has got your back and mine.  No one is alone here.  No one has to do it all by themselves.  This is your eternal blessing.

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