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“What is ending?”*

This morning, still half-asleep, I opened an email containing this question.  Instantly, my eyes opened wider.  It’s one of those questions that certainly gave me pause to ponder – what is ending?

Just about everything:

this moment
this breath
that stroke of the keyboard
a sip of coffee
a thought about what to write next

If everything is an ending, then everything is also a new beginning:

fresh with new breath
fingers weaving new tapestries of words

another moment to punctuate with truth or untruth
and then to let it all go again

Am I here in the new beginning?  Or, have I glanced backwards or forwards into the mental quicksand of what was or what might be?

Alone with this body breath, here and now, it’s impossible to be either lonely or afraid.

Every moment finds me here in the kindness of an ending, and the renewal of a beginning.

*Question courtesy of Paul Clark’s Weekly Powerful Question

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