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I’m Here


“If you have a strong need to be on a journey,

you will find yourself on one.

If you have the strong urge

that I need to be home,

very quickly you find yourself,

you are Home.”


Neither path good nor bad.  Merge that with Eckhart Tolle’s:

“accept the is-ness of this moment”

and you and I find ourselves, exactly wherever we need to be at this time.

Be, in peace, my friends.

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Can you accept the is-ness of this moment,
and not confuse it with a story the mind has created around it?

Surrender comes when you no longer ask:
why is this happening to me?

Even within the seemingly most unacceptable and painful situation, is
concealed a deeper good and within every disaster is contained the
seed of Christ.

…accepting the seemingly unacceptable,
and thus finding the peace that surpasses all understanding

Acceptance of the unacceptable,
is the greatest source of praise in this world.

When you fully accept that you don’t know, you give up
struggling to find answers with the limited thinking mind,
and that is when the greater intelligence can operate through you.

Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand,
and becoming comfortable with not knowing.

Surrender, one could say is the inner transition from resistance to acceptance,
from no to yes.

When you surrender your sense of self shifts from being identified
with the reaction or mental judgment
to being the space around the reaction or judgment.

It is a shift from identification with form, thought or the emotion
to being and recognizing yourself as that which has no form.
Spacious Awareness.

Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace,
including the acceptance that you cannot accept that you are in resistance.

Leave life alone
Let it be.

~Eckhart Tolle~

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This is about a 17 minute video, but you could listen to the first five minutes and get the heart of the message.  If you make it all the way to the end, the story he tells, well, not a chance you could listen to it and not be moved upon.

“There is no need to know anything,
only look in the eyes of the Beloved.”  ~ Mooji


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To see
the presence of God
in all people and things,
is the surest way
to help the world
and to make your own life
divinely successful, too.
~Emmet Fox~

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“What is ending?”*

This morning, still half-asleep, I opened an email containing this question.  Instantly, my eyes opened wider.  It’s one of those questions that certainly gave me pause to ponder – what is ending?

Just about everything:

this moment
this breath
that stroke of the keyboard
a sip of coffee
a thought about what to write next

If everything is an ending, then everything is also a new beginning:

fresh with new breath
fingers weaving new tapestries of words

another moment to punctuate with truth or untruth
and then to let it all go again

Am I here in the new beginning?  Or, have I glanced backwards or forwards into the mental quicksand of what was or what might be?

Alone with this body breath, here and now, it’s impossible to be either lonely or afraid.

Every moment finds me here in the kindness of an ending, and the renewal of a beginning.

*Question courtesy of Paul Clark’s Weekly Powerful Question

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for a

lovely thing

and you


find it…

~ Sara Teasdale ~

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Somewhere, I read about the value of taking 30 conscious breaths.  I tried it and since I don’t regularly meditate, this was no small task; thoughts kept thinking themselves.  I decided when that occurred, I would simply start all over again.  Well, I could be here into next week still trying to take 30 conscious breaths!  Then I laughed at myself – who made up that rule – the conscious breathing brigade?!

It’s amazing actually how much thinking is going on in my head.  In another modality I study, 9 star ki astrology, my principal element is a 4 or yin wood.  We are known as the “over-thinkers”.  However, Albert Einstein was a 4, so there you go, there’s value to that “over-thinking”.  Yes, indeed!

I think a lot, it’s true, my mind darts in all sorts of places.  In fact, my husband often asks me – what are you talking about now?  I’ll start a conversation midstream of the one that’s already been going on in my head.

My point is, and I do have one – even big thinkers can take 30 conscious breaths.  Here’s how you do it:

As the abdomen rises and falls with each breath that you are counting, any thinking that begins to come up, just label it “thinking”.  Keep breathing and counting each breath.  There may be lots of thoughts to label “thinking”, you may lose count, guess the count then and just keep breathing.  After a bit, it’s like riding wave after undulating wave.

It is a beautifully relaxing, balancing and grounding process that could be done anywhere.

And now that I “think” of it, any thought that engages suffering on any level, can simply be labeled “thinking” followed by a few conscious breaths anywhere, anytime.  No need to identify it any further than simply to call it “thinking”.

A) There’s no judgement in the label “thinking”

B) There’s no story in it either

C) It’s a great little insta-pivot

D) Happy Conscious Breathing Y’all

Love, Bethie (the thinker) and breather!

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