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I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to leap into the day.  That is, until I went downstairs and saw evidence that my long haired Cavalier had had diarrhea all over the living room and dining room floor.  My next job was to inspect my dog’s bum and get to work on cleaning it.  Good times, right? :-)

While I was cleaning her on the back porch, I began to listen to the dialogue in my head:

I don’t have time for this. (as if time is a currency I can own and spend)
My husband should have done this, earlier this morning. (blame the husband, of course!)
What’s wrong with my dog?
What if it happens again today, because I really don’t have time for this?
I just woke up, can’t a girl enjoy her coffee?!

Just observing those voices, gave me a window of opportunity to realize I could do this the hard way with all the story attached to it, or I could very simply just do it.  And so I did.  As I  quietly and mindfully went about the task at hand, the birdsong in my backyard became so apparent, it was all I could hear.

When I quieted my mind did the birds begin to sing their daily praise or was it present all along, when I too, was present?

Life wants to take us on an enlivening journey.  It starts with just simply being here now.

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When nothing is sure,

everything is possible.

~Margaret Drabble~


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Emotions change,

they come and go.

You are that

which doesn’t

come and go.

You are the awareness

behind what arises.


the moment

you accept what arises,

you are free.

~Kim Eng with Eckhart Tolle~
Resist Nothing: Guided Meditations

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“Closer than breathing is my God.”    Joel Goldsmith

I Am the Way

I Am the Light

I Am Here

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I received this week’s powerful question:

What am I taking too seriously?

My first thought upon reading that, was … how much time have you got?  :-)

Yet, my next thought was another question:

What can I hold lightly today?

I can hold lightly exactly everything I am willing to today.  I can come to willingness when there is nothing left but willingness, those “Jesus take the wheel” moments, or I could allow my willingness right here and now.

Here, where I hold it all lightly, that tightness in my chest begins to open up.  I can breathe more freely.  I become aware that I am standing in the field of possibilities now, where the options are limitless and this too shall pass, is … as always, inevitable.

What can you hold lightly today?

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