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The primary cause of unhappiness

is never the situation

but your thoughts about it.

~Eckhart Tolle~

I hope that quote from Eckhart Tolle brought you some relief today.  It certainly did for me.  My thoughts were: this is hard, I didn’t sign up for all of this, it’s too much of a drain on me, I don’t like this, I feel stuck.

Ultimately, stuck equals powerless to me.  Yet when I went to read some Tolle for inspiration, I spotted this quote right away as the truth in what was going on.  It’s not the situation, it’s what I am telling myself about the situation.  What I tell myself about it, is what makes it hard.

It’s not even that I want to change the story I am telling myself, I don’t want to tell any story at all about it.  The facts are – here’s the situation, the rest is extraneous mumbo jumbo that is the cause of my stress.  Not only that, I allow the Universe to act more freely on my behalf when I am not locking things in as – it’s this or it’s that.

I did a post awhile back entitled Just the Facts that addresses this very topic.  When I let go of the story I was telling myself the Universe delivered with more surprises and synchronicities then I could ever imagine.  The U loves to show off for you and me.  Question is – are we letting it or are we limiting it?  Today, right this minute, I am letting it.

Whew, that just feels so much better then the story I was locked into just a few short minutes ago!

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