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Our nearly three month old puppy, Nanuk, passed suddenly this weekend.  You see him below in a picture taken last week.

There are many wonderful pet loss poems out there but none seemed to contain the language for what my heart wants to say.  So I decided to re-post this poem I wrote a few years ago, to remind me of two things: nothing that is cherished ever truly perishes and Nanuk is in the heavens now, carried on the wings of the air.

past the borders of happiness and unhappiness
a rim of fire oaks bid me on the blue horizon 

smooth hand like leaves held me there
while the first hard rain fell

I kneeled and leaned into the heady fragrance
of an ancient wisdom revealed
beneath the old rough timber

it spoke of the delicate balance in being
at once firmly rooted while gently yielding
whenever the fall winds swept through

I heard of the necessity of winter’s annual arrival
for stillness is the silent cathedral of the earth

I learned that what drops away gives rise to rich black loam
so that nothing that is cherished ever perishes

listening intently now, the old knowing timber whispered
how it never seeks to contain what cuts deep

no, you give it up to the low slung clouds overhead
to be carried on the wings of the air


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