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Inevitable Change

So funny how a few hours can change everything.  Ok, well not everything but I can go from a high of such inspiration to the lows of midnite, 2am, 4am, etc. worries and no longer any consolation in invisible grace.  How swiftly I can become caught up in the worries of being a mother and worst case scenarios.  And then this morning a tree that is awash in deep pink blossoms can make me cry because, for a moment, I remember invisible grace now made visible.  How hope does spring eternal and how spring always comes ’round again.

And then just as easily back in worry, fear and sitting right by my computer my eye catches the print out of “she let go…” which I shared here a few weeks ago.  And for another moment, I am again lost in equal parts of the stillness in letting go and the exquisite heart break of spring upon me once again.

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