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Right Left Right

My friend Amy shared with me paraphrases of the following teachings and I loved them so much, wanted to share with you also:

“You are not the contents of your life.”  Tolle would say.

“if you can observe it, it is not you”  Mooji would say.

“This shouldn’t be happening….is that true?”  Byron Katie would say.

“Who knows what is good or bad.”  An ancient Taoist proverb says.

I’ve chosen other quotes on my blog from Tolle, Mooji, Byron Katie, and the Taoist parable and appended them below.

Eckhart Tolle:

When you are present in this moment,
you break the continuity of your story, of past and future.

Then true intelligence arises, and also LOVE.

The only way that LOVE can come into your life is not through form,
but through the inner spaciousness that is presence.

LOVE has no form. The world can only change from within.


We are missing what is obvious, what is pure, what is beautiful.  But we don’t have to go so far to find this, because the truth is distance-less, it’s here.  It’s here; it’s only somehow concealed by distraction.  Our eyes move and plant themselves onto transient things.  But if the aspiration is inside a human being to grow, to find the truth, then he will find a way and the way will find him.

Byron Katie:

How do we respond to a world that seems out of control? The world
seems that way because it ‘is’ out of control—the sun rises whether
we want it to or not, the toaster breaks, someone cuts you off on
your way to work. We’ve never had control. We have the illusion of
control when things go the way we think they should, and then when
they don’t, we say we’ve lost control, and we long for some sort of
state where we imagine we’ll have control again.

But suffering isn’t a result of not having control or of things
accelerating. It is a result of arguing with reality. When we
believe our thoughts, we suffer, but when we question them, we don’t
suffer. Freedom is as simple as that. When the unquestioned mind
moves out of its arguments with reality, we move into alignment with
constant change. After all, change is happening anyway, whether we
like it or not. Everything changes, it seems. But when we’re
attached to our thoughts about what that change should be, being out
of control feels uncomfortable.

If there is, in fact, an acceleration of changes, it’s a gift. The
apparent craziness of the world, like everything else, is a gift
that we can use to set our minds free. You can’t free yourself by
finding a “timeless, changeless dimension” outside your own mind.

When you question what you believe, you eventually come to see that
you ‘are’ the timeless, changeless dimension that you’ve been
seeking. Then you may find that you don’t need to navigate a future
at all—that what appears now is all you’ve got, and even that is

always immediately gone. And when you’ve stopped doing war with
reality, you ‘are’ what changes, totally without control. That state
of constant change is creation without limits, efficient and free
and beautiful beyond description.

Insights from the parable Who Knows What’s Good What’s Bad:

This parable is such a beautiful illustration of why it’s relevant to suspend judgment, conclusions and assumptions about anything.  Judgements and the like don’t reflect the bigger picture.  We don’t always know in the heat of any moment, what is good what is bad.  What is a blessing, what is a gift, what is a challenge in the moment that provides further expansion for us later.  We don’t always know, but we can remain open.  We can lay aside the impulse to make any seeming fact mean anything.  We can trust that the nature of all things is continually unfolding – and perhaps find a lot more ease in this open and receptive place.

Click here to see the parable in its entirety.

Those of you who follow this blog, know we recently had a puppy die suddenly in our home.  There was plenty of “this shouldn’t be happening” being felt.  There was so much serendipity around this little guy and his transition.  And while I was grieving I put all my biggest worries on the back burner.  I grieved and to some extent I still do.  But meanwhile, I forgot to take those big worries off the back burner.

Another little baby came to us from a rescue group in SoCal.  That’s Abby Rose you see at the top of this post.

As my friend, Luana reminded me, Life turned left to go right.  Life is actually always turning right, it’s we who have gone left and abandoned the truth that our good is always there, sometimes as yet unseen, but it’s there.  Some times it waits for us to catch up and trust, some times you are scooped up in the arms of grace whether you’d momentarily lost your faith or not.  That’s because another word for Grace is Love, the foundation of the Universe.  I can try to buck that current that is back of all things, but not for long.  Thank God for that!

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“Seven billion people on a tiny planet,
suspended in the vastness of space.
All alone.
How we make sense of that is the great mystery of our frail existence.
Maybe it’s being alone in the Universe that holds us all together,
keeps us needing one another in the smallest of ways,
creating a quantum entanglement of you, of me, of us.
And if that’s really true, then we live in a world where anything is possible.”

some of the final lines in tonight’s episode of “Touch”

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Where there is…

Where there is chaos

Let me trust in a Divine Order at work here


Where there is change and surprise

Allow me to ease into new possibilities


Where there is fear and doubt

Teach me to live in – only this moment now


Where there is uncertainty

May I rest in the promise of new opportunities


Where I have lost my faith

Remind me, my faith has not lost me

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Our nearly three month old puppy, Nanuk, passed suddenly this weekend.  You see him below in a picture taken last week.

There are many wonderful pet loss poems out there but none seemed to contain the language for what my heart wants to say.  So I decided to re-post this poem I wrote a few years ago, to remind me of two things: nothing that is cherished ever truly perishes and Nanuk is in the heavens now, carried on the wings of the air.

past the borders of happiness and unhappiness
a rim of fire oaks bid me on the blue horizon 

smooth hand like leaves held me there
while the first hard rain fell

I kneeled and leaned into the heady fragrance
of an ancient wisdom revealed
beneath the old rough timber

it spoke of the delicate balance in being
at once firmly rooted while gently yielding
whenever the fall winds swept through

I heard of the necessity of winter’s annual arrival
for stillness is the silent cathedral of the earth

I learned that what drops away gives rise to rich black loam
so that nothing that is cherished ever perishes

listening intently now, the old knowing timber whispered
how it never seeks to contain what cuts deep

no, you give it up to the low slung clouds overhead
to be carried on the wings of the air


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I heard this song on the radio today by Switchfoot, I Dare You to Move.  I almost switched off Switchfoot, just a little too much metal for my taste, until I began to let myself be pulled in by the lyrics.  I will append them below and add a few comments.  These are not the lyrics line by line; I’ve deleted a few lines I didn’t resonate with or that were repetitive.  Surprised to see this song is from 2009 and it’s my first time hearing it.

Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone’s here
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next?

I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
Like today never happened

Welcome to the fallout
Welcome to resistance
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be

Maybe redemption has stories to tell
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell
Where can you run to escape from yourself?
Where you gonna go?
Salvation is here

I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened before

“Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell” feels so much like my tag line for Simply Blessed:

I have fallen between the cracks and landed in the spaces where love never fails…So many words to all say the same thing, what love is, what God is, what redemption is.  At my best, I look for the commonalities and take a little from everything.

“Welcome to the fallout, welcome to resistance, the tension is here between who you are and who you could be.”  That tension they are talking about is a creative tension that I think is the underpinning of resistance of any kind.  So quick I think I need to shift and awaken from resistance, but what if I asked myself instead – wow, what new platform am I creating here?

Something always emerges out of these cycles of resistance; they are not fruitless paths.  They seem to even come along at a certain point of comfort and predictability.  I think it’s purpose is to propel us further on our paths of self-evolution.  These are opportunities for expansion, so if you happen to be in one of those times in your life, welcome it.  Life wants to take you to a new, heart-stirring vista.  Let it.

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This morning I ponder, shower first or book?  A luxurious place to start either way.  I look over the stacks of books by my bedside and wonder – do I want to forget or do I want to remember?  Code for chick lit fiction or metaphysics.  I decide, I want to remember and find it in a bonding moment with Tigger, of all things.  It seems Tigger and I have a few things in common.

“The final problem we might mention about the Tigger Tendency is that the worthwhile and important things in life—wisdom and happiness in particular—are simply not the sorts of things one can Chase After and Grab.  They are instead the sorts of things that come to us where we are, if we let them—if we stop trying too hard and just let things happen as they need to.  Tigger found this out when he discovered What Tiggers Like Best…” The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff

I found, one day years ago, that the simple appreciation for an upright, green blade of grass turned my heart’s gaze towards What Bethies Like Best and then I forgot it, so I could remember it ever more fondly today.


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Be Playful


Love this quote from Abraham.  It doesn’t get much simpler than this:

Be playful.
Know that it’s going to be alright no matter what.
Have as much fun as you can.
Be as easy as you can.
Don’t take anything very seriously, because everything blows over; good and bad.
You can’t stand still. So nothing lasts very long.
The best of experiences you must move beyond and the worst of experiences you must move beyond.
Don’t make where you are too big of a deal.
Let it be what it is: It’s a moment in time where you have the choice to feel good or feel bad.
That’s all that it ever is.

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Inevitable Change

So funny how a few hours can change everything.  Ok, well not everything but I can go from a high of such inspiration to the lows of midnite, 2am, 4am, etc. worries and no longer any consolation in invisible grace.  How swiftly I can become caught up in the worries of being a mother and worst case scenarios.  And then this morning a tree that is awash in deep pink blossoms can make me cry because, for a moment, I remember invisible grace now made visible.  How hope does spring eternal and how spring always comes ’round again.

And then just as easily back in worry, fear and sitting right by my computer my eye catches the print out of “she let go…” which I shared here a few weeks ago.  And for another moment, I am again lost in equal parts of the stillness in letting go and the exquisite heart break of spring upon me once again.

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