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A friend of mine, Holly, beautiful, brilliant Holly, said something today that provided a 180 turnaround on just about every subject known to man.  If it’s the only well being card I ever carry in my heart, this would so be it!

It was very simply a statement of gratitude to the Universe or whatever your beliefs:

“Thank you for making my life interesting.”

My heart just sang out with a solid YES, when I first read that from her.  I so know this to be true.  I so know I came here for the variety, for the diversity of choices.  I so know I came here to experience it all.  I have told many a friend I know that before I dropped on over to planet earth, I stood on the non-physical line of what I wanted in this lifetime.  It wasn’t the line that said good looks and brains.  It wasn’t the line for curly hair and a good sense of humor.  It was the line for – give me what you’ve got; I’ll take it all.  The implication being that I’m going for the pure adventure of a lifetime.  No, not the bungee jumping or climbing Mount Everest kind.  The type that stretches my personal and spiritual development.

When I read Rilke’s “flare up like flame and make big shadows God can move in … let everything happen to you beauty and terror”, this is what I resonated with so completely.

A trip to the lawyer tomorrow which had been a previous source of angst now becomes, I get to go to the lawyer, I get to fight for the rights of someone I dearly love.  Thank you for making my life interesting!  I can take that and apply it to any subject I feel resistance on.  Any subject I feel – oh no, anything but hell no, not that.  Any subject I judge as bad or wrong and flip it on its back to reveal what I’ve always known to be true.

Hell yes, thank you for making my life so interesting!

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