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Lions, Tigers, Bears


…. and ghosts!  Oh my!  I’ve experienced my first certifiable ghostly apparition!  My daughter and I came home from shopping yesterday.  We walked inside and my dog stood in the breakfast nook area growling, snorting, barking and then turned on her heels scampering up the stairs.  Later in the night, my husband took her out for what we dub the “final piddle” and she repeated the same behavior again in the same area.

This morning a bag of dog food was positioned by this ghost directly under the nook’s breakfast table.  Hmmmm … veddy, veddy interesting!

Is it a coincidence that I’d come home having just purchased the movie “Ghost” last night?  Who knows!  But now to my point which is not about ghosts, it’s about love.

My daughter and I watched the movie, she for the first time.  Me, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen it.  I love it for so many reasons and I cry at the end of it every time when he’s about to be beamed up to heaven.  Those final words: “It’s amazing, Molly, the love inside, you take it with you.”

I don’t just believe that love is eternal, I think it’s woven into the fabric of the Universe.  Every thing is intrinsically designed to move towards homestatis or balance and well being in its own way.  What else but the hands of love fashioned all of this?!

And, finally on the topic of love, I was listening to Patty Griffin the other day and a single line in a song struck a deep chord within —

“Maybe love is waiting at the end of every road.”

I wanted those words to be on their own line, so we can all really take that in.  You see, if we believe that love is waiting at the end of EVERY road, then no matter what the circumstances we are going through, there is the knowledge that love is waiting at the end of it.  Consider holding that one line in your heart next time you’ve traveled off the beaten path; the one that leaves you scared, sad, anxious, mad or whatever.  It will help you turn yourself back to the natural state of all things – one of eagerness, hope and optimism.

“Maybe love is waiting at the end of every road.”  No, maybes about it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!



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