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here on planet autumn

every success and every seeming failure is applauded
no bigger, no better, no smaller, no lesser
you see, it is all life’s treasure expressing itself

and even if a little seedling never quite pushes through to survive
that is glorified and celebrated as life’s gift to us
it is enough
no bigger, no better, no smaller, no lesser

everything wants to come to fruition and fruition has many levels
just witnessing life for a singular moment
asks you to come to it willingly, yes willing indeed
to see the precious glory within it.

here, on Planet Autumn, patience is not a virtue
move as an inchworm or a rocket ship
no bigger, no better, no smaller, no lesser

other edicts: waste not, want not
you won’t find them here
Even just an inner desire that never meets paper and pen,
is a song of praise on your lips
It’s yours and yours alone, and
it is enough.

You will find life brimming from its very essence, here on Planet Autumn.
And you will hear, ever so delicately, the song of exaltation to
The Great One, painted on every single leaf

Keep the song of praise always on your lips,
this is true wealth that can never be taken from you.

Evening falls now on Planet Autumn, while you are sleeping,
angels come and paint the song of praise on your lips.
And they whisper in your ear of your preciousness.

Come, here, listen.

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