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I was on my way to an appointment today, just boogying down the road listening to loud music and singing in the car.  I was traveling down a six lane highway, when I saw a dog trotting down the middle of that highway.  He had all the untamed energy and free spirit of a wild pony.  And, he had our rapt attention.

All lanes slowed to a crawl, as we watched this fearless creature oblivious to it all.  Next, some of us stopped our cars and tried to block him in.  He was having none of it.  We got out of our cars, each of us trying to call him over to safety.  One guy had food to tempt this wild thing.  Nope, he was not to be contained.

I will tell you I am a sensitive soul and proud Mama to six cats and one dog.  The mere thought of him being hit, was unfathomable.  I don’t really know the final outcome.  He eventually turned right.  I headed to the left and said a silent prayer.

But I will tell you what I witnessed on that highway was the beauty of the human spirit.  Every single car on that road, in their own way, tried to assist that dog to safety.  You won’t see them in the paper or in the media, but they were heroes just the same.  Next time I happen on a story of what’s not right in the world, I will remember that I witnessed first hand everything that is right with this world.  The beauty of the human spirit prevails; a hero lives in us all.

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