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Reposting because it makes me happy inside!

The news according to Beth: world peace & mutual regard for all others were married yesterday on a secluded Indonesian island. Blessings, positive intentions, and lots of hands joining hands were shared in lieu of material gifts.

And when it was done they all turned to each other, looked deeply and for a good long while, into each other’s eyes. Each letting the heart and eyes speak of what world peace and mutual regard for others, meant to them.

So sacred was this gathering, it was decided people would leave the island one at a time. They would spread the message slowly. You won’t know when the message is about to be delivered to you.

The day may seem ordinary, you go out about your usual errands of the day. The ones we all have. You’re there at the bank to make a deposit when the bank teller hands you back your deposit slip with a genuine smile and penetrating yet loving eye contact. You can’t look away, something draws you to her, she’s communicating something so important with just her gaze and somewhere deep inside, something surprising is shifting in you, you are receiving it.

You are now among the growing number who has been informed and your mission is to carry this message forward. The revolution has already begun. Change happens with tiny tipping points that eventually lead to a point of critical mass.*  We shall be part of that deliciously expansive, exciting revolution.

You all knew that from the start, didn’t you? You knew it before you came in that we were part of something bigger, grander than even men landing on the moon, more than tremendous social change, more than even an African American president. It is more than such a privilege to be alive right now, in this day and age, it is *our* privilege.

* tippping point/critical mass concept is from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point

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