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1.   yeah, so having a dangling waddle (not to be confused with dangling participle)
2.   actually means comfort in old age in Chinese Face Reading
3.   so good to know, guess I’m keeping it
4.   because it’s the sacred calligraphy of my soul
5.   yeah, so waddles are sacred
6.   and on Ally McBeal they were hot and sexy
8.   rolling on the floor laughing my waddle on (as opposed to off … remember it’s a keeper, not a creeper)
9.   yeah, so this little ode to a waddle has been brought to you by
10. Bethie!
11. you, too, can rock a waddle
12. almost like me
13. :)
14. yeah, I know, you gotta love me
15. and I love you, too
16. xo
17. if I made you smile, tips are appreciated
18. :)

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I was going through my homemade well being cards today.  These particular ones are on my dresser.  I pick one for the day or week, whatever speaks to me at the moment.  I came across this one:

What can you let yourself have today?

What can I let myself have today?

I can let myself have peace today.

Deep breath.

I can hear the sounds of God at work outside my window.

Another deep breath.

I can feel my own Godness at work, a beating heart, lungs filling and emptying.

Breathing in God, breathing out God.

Minding emptying itself.



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Well, here I am again in the rabbit hole of expansion, slash contrast, slash sh*t hole.  A sweet friend of mine sent me this AbeQuote, I then re-worked it for myself.  In the meantime, I am two-fistedly climbing my way out of the rabbit hole … one Abe quote, one cupcake at a time.

Where I am is is fine.
There is no wrong doing on my part.
There is no recovery from something that is amiss.
There’s just me, in this moment harmonizing with the Energy of Who I Am.
And softly acknowledging that it’s a big capacity.

My God self stands powerfully in my Well Being.
And if I am not feeling that, it’s because I am *over thinking* it.
And yet beyond over thinking I am always but a breath away from my Well Being

Easy does it

I trust the Divine Intelligence within me
It’s got my back
It’s got my front
It’s got my past
It’s got my present
It’s got my future

The Source within me knows where I’ve been
knows where I’m going
knows Who I Am
knows what I want
knows where I am in relationship to what I want

It knows the path of least resistance to get me where I want to be
The Source within me knows all of these things

Just because I don’t see it all spelled out for me this red hot minute
doesn’t mean I ought to be doing something different
doesn’t mean I’m wrong or bad or inadequate

What I am doing is enough
Where I am at is enough
It’s enough

It’s all I can do and it’s enough

Trust the process
trust my Divine Inner Being
take its vibrational hand
It knows the way


“So really what we’re asking you to do, and it’s an annoying word, but it has such powerful resonance at the very core of your being, is to trust the process. To trust your Inner Being. To trust that where you are is fine. To acknowledge there is no wrong doing on your part. That there’s no misunderstanding or no misapplication of a process. There is no recovery from something that is amiss. There’s just you, in this moment, harmonizing with the resonating blending with the Energy of Who You Are. Softly acknowledging that it’s a big capacity. And in acknowledging that big capacity of this Energy, being pleased with where you are touching it and what it is achieving.

Here’s a way you could look at it that would be very pleasing to us: Standing, like your Inner Being, in your Vortex, utterly knowing the Well Being of you and knowing it so powerfully and you being so close in the vicinity of it that you can’t not know it. In other words, we know it so much that you just got to know it. And if you don’t know it, it’s coz you’re overthinking it. We just want you to know you’re close enough. You’re close enough. In other words, easy does it. Close enough and trust that Source within you. The Source within you, this Vortex, has got you. It’s got your back. It’s got your front. It’s got your past. It’s got your present. It’s got your future. It IS you. In other words, it’s real-time, vibrational. It knows all of the manifestations that are coming. It knows every step along the way. It could lay it all out for you brilliantly. It knows every rendezvous that you’ll have with every single person. It knows where you’ve been. It knows where you’re go ing. It knows Who You Are. It knows what you want. It knows where you are in relationship to what you want. It know that path of least resistance to get you to where you want to be. It knows all of those things. The Source within you knows all of those things. And because you can’t just hear it all spelled out this red hot minute, you choose to think that you ought to be doing something different than what you’re doing and we want to tell you: what you are doing is enough. It’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. Trust the process, it will just keep evolving.”

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Reposting because it makes me happy inside!

The news according to Beth: world peace & mutual regard for all others were married yesterday on a secluded Indonesian island. Blessings, positive intentions, and lots of hands joining hands were shared in lieu of material gifts.

And when it was done they all turned to each other, looked deeply and for a good long while, into each other’s eyes. Each letting the heart and eyes speak of what world peace and mutual regard for others, meant to them.

So sacred was this gathering, it was decided people would leave the island one at a time. They would spread the message slowly. You won’t know when the message is about to be delivered to you.

The day may seem ordinary, you go out about your usual errands of the day. The ones we all have. You’re there at the bank to make a deposit when the bank teller hands you back your deposit slip with a genuine smile and penetrating yet loving eye contact. You can’t look away, something draws you to her, she’s communicating something so important with just her gaze and somewhere deep inside, something surprising is shifting in you, you are receiving it.

You are now among the growing number who has been informed and your mission is to carry this message forward. The revolution has already begun. Change happens with tiny tipping points that eventually lead to a point of critical mass.*  We shall be part of that deliciously expansive, exciting revolution.

You all knew that from the start, didn’t you? You knew it before you came in that we were part of something bigger, grander than even men landing on the moon, more than tremendous social change, more than even an African American president. It is more than such a privilege to be alive right now, in this day and age, it is *our* privilege.

* tippping point/critical mass concept is from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point

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