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These are two recent quotes I received that I love, courtesy of livinglifefully.com.

Grace is a word which is pregnant with so much divine power and glory that it defies definition.  In brief, it may be described as the love and power of God. Such a love is ever pouring on all humankind, nay, on all creation, because this love and power dwells in and permeates all animate and inanimate objects.

Papa Ramdas

The moment you want to make progress is the moment you become an eternal beginner.  The dawn is the beginning of a new day:  it symbolizes hope, illumination, and perfection.  Every day the dawn plays the role of the beginner.  It begins its journey at daybreak and ends its journey in the infinite sun.  If you can feel that your whole being ˜your body, vitality, mind and soul˜ represents the ever-blossoming dawn, then you will always remain an eternal beginner.

Sri Chimnoy

I absolute adore the concept of eternal beginner.  Meeting life with a beginner’s mind, one that is curious, open in heart and mind, teachable — to live this, is its own reward.

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