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Fairy Godmothers

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I believe that everyone really does have these fairy godmothers.  You could substitute the fairy godmother figure for angels, any archetypal figures or gentle guides. They take many forms and could be in your life for a chance meeting or over a long period of time.  They could be a parent, grandparent, a pet, relative, a friend, a teacher, anyone.

They are part of nature’s encoded ability to always seek harmony and balance.  Anything that ever happens to any of us, no matter how dire the situation seems, is always counter balanced with this supportive, loving energy.

You can look for these gentle guides if you want, you’ll find their indelible influence was always there.  And though there were times, they were nearly overshadowed by painful experience, at the end of the day it is what most wants to be known.  The stories of our lives only half written in the isolation of loss and sorrow, the other half in partnership with gentle guiding lights.

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