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Fairy Godmothers

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I believe that everyone really does have these fairy godmothers.  You could substitute the fairy godmother figure for angels, any archetypal figures or gentle guides. They take many forms and could be in your life for a chance meeting or over a long period of time.  They could be a parent, grandparent, a pet, relative, a friend, a teacher, anyone.

They are part of nature’s encoded ability to always seek harmony and balance.  Anything that ever happens to any of us, no matter how dire the situation seems, is always counter balanced with this supportive, loving energy.

You can look for these gentle guides if you want, you’ll find their indelible influence was always there.  And though there were times, they were nearly overshadowed by painful experience, at the end of the day it is what most wants to be known.  The stories of our lives only half written in the isolation of loss and sorrow, the other half in partnership with gentle guiding lights.

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So those of you who have read me lately are finding these favorite or top 10 lists.  I started doing them on a women’s group after listening to an Abraham tape.  Esther is described as telling Jerry her top ten favorite things on a given subject.  I loved that idea, so I’ve been doing it daily.  Mine don’t always count to 10, often don’t read like a typical top ten list and have lots of twists, turns and surprises.  I include them now and again here.  Someday I think it would be lovely to compile them all together for myself and see the progress.  Anyway, so here’s today’s.  It’s different, it’s revealing, too and I’m ready for that now.

1.   OMG the pure sense of relief in finally accepting
2.   I was raised by a seriously pathological and exploitive mother (stay with me here :-) )
3.   I don’t have to make excuses anymore
4.   I don’t have to make sense of it either
5.   I feel, know the truth of this
6.   forgiveness is not even relevant
7.   I no longer need my Mother’s love
8.   just as I don’t need water from a dry well
9.   I’m free to be a fully realized me
10. I have everything I need now to fully blossom
11. I picked the very best timing to do neuro-feedback and dream work with a Jungian therapist
12. my Daddy’s dead, I don’t have to worry about dishonoring his smaller self that is no longer here
13. this is about me now
14. I had all the freedom in the world to be who I came here to be but I didn’t know it
15. I let things hold me back
16. they felt important
17. sometimes I wasn’t even conscious of them
18. I am becoming more conscious now
19. I love becoming a more conscious fully integrated human being
20. who came here to be her beautiful Bethie self
21. and now she can be
22. joy is all I have to say, pure utter joy
23. no wait, one more thing
24. EF’ing COOL!!!

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1.    The huge voluminous clouds over the Seattle skyline contrasted with blue sky … heavenly
2.     and a postcard moment
3.     and then rounding a bend and seeing Mt. Rainier in her full heart-stopping glory
4.     another postcard moment
5.     which got me to thinking about every day as a series of postcard moments
6.     be it visual, auditorial, a smell, a touch, or words spoken or written that light me up
7.     how fun it is to make my only job be the one where I savor one postcard moment
8.     and then anticipate the next
9.     how life rises to meet me
10.   in the most unexpected places that I could daily and literally weep with joy

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1.    the richness of language
2.    words that make my heart sing
3.    awestruck, by this thing called Life
4.    gossamer, as in the veils to non-physical
5.    miracles, as in everything
6.    kindness, it is what we have to give
7.    mysterious, the hands of which I am touched upon daily
8.    cherished, as in the cloth that we are made from
9.    grace, for where it slips in even when all feels lost
10.  God, “the one whose love overcomes you, already with you
when you think to call my name.” *

*No. 10 excerpted from the poem Briefly It Enters, and Briefly Speaks
by Jane Kenyon

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1.   Asking for signs yesterday
2.   receiving two,
3.   one in awake time
4.   and a big one in my dreams
5.   how grateful I was in the dream for having received
6.   how I wanted to share it with others
7.   they took what they were willing to receive
8.   being reminded of the light inherent in everything
9.   heart opening questions from friends:
10. “What is there, here, for me to love?”
11.  Now.

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God is in this house

I say with hand to chest

so touched by the world

and every one in it

I want to kiss all your cheeks

until they are wet with spilled love

and then spill some more

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Started doing Ten Favorite Things daily on my Internet women’s group, inspired by Abraham Hicks.  Thought I would include today’s funky one.  You won’t recognize the names but you’ll get the gist.  And that image you see above, is apropos of whatever you want it to be. :)


1.  Breaking open
2.  running from it
3.  and then coming back to it
4.  reluctantly at first
5.  yet willing to be more than I have
6.  previously limited myself to
7.  my courage
8.  and my weakness
9.  inner Bethie’s House of God
10.so willing to take my hand and do this together

And because a girl’s gotta be a girl:

11.  Kate Somerville’s gentle exfoliating scrub because Holly reminded me of exfoliating and holy moly – skin! and a face that feels soft as a baby’s butt
12.  all the yellow haired people of the world, ha, ha, Tina Fey the leader in equal rights for hair color — snort!
13.  the art noveau-ish beaded, crocheted scarf I got for $3.99 and nearly wet it with my drool, we won’t mention my pants
14.  girls like Ahmee who always keep me smiling with visions of whale placentas, think cal king comforter meets washing machine
15.  Ahmee could write for Tina Fey
16.  and but of course … ova and out
17.  though technically it’s ovum and out
18.  see, you wouldn’t hire me to write for Tina Fey
19.  but you might for the laugh soundtrack
20.  laugh, it feels good in you and me
21.  AND it burns calories!
22.  who knew, right?
23.  you heard it here first
24.  and last
25.  yea, now it is ovum and out
26.  xoxo

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