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It’s a good day to go God-ing today.  Seeing, being the God within you.  The Universe loves to knock itself out for you and equally adores you noticing the gifts it lays at your feet today.

One large pin oak tree has about 400,000 leaves waving at you today.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the lyrics of their music.

Come hither we shall show you the Universal wisdom contained in the art of a tree gracefully waving in the breeze. We move and bend with it.  Bring your face closer to my trunk and I will whisper pearls from the moon shared with me last night.

Come even closer now, open your ruby throat so that I may pour the pureness down it, awakening you to a thousand ripe and golden suns.  This is who you are.

Had you questioned who you are?  Know this: who you are is love inside.

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