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What if she doesn’t really like me?  That’s the thought that popped into my mind the other night.  I was at the threshold of a doorway.  Cue the “Jaws” theme song here … the doorway into Thoughts. That. Suck.  Now the good news: I noticed where I was about to go before I stepped even one more brightly painted toe into that doorway.  More good news – I decided if I could entertain thoughts that suck and run with it like there’s Olympic gold at the end, then I could do the very opposite.

What if she really does like me?  What if she does?!  My neural pathways were virtually scintillating with joy entertaining the potential of this turnaround.  I just landed at a new threshold!  Cue music from “I Can See Clearly Now” …  I sashayed through that doorway into *Thoughts That Sing*.

Dang, come on Beth, you know this stuff.  Why don’t you choose the prize behind Doorway no. 2 all the time?  You can hear it, can’t you – the scary, tense music creeping in … woops, did a little side step back into Thoughts. That. Suck.

Thank goodness, I lovingly chose on behalf of my well being this time.  Thank goodness, I really care about me.  Thank goodness, I never give up on me.  And if my thoughts really could sing, they’d be saying — love really is all I need to help me know my name.*

*(adapted from the song “Love’s Divine”)

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