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“Never try to save a dying person.  Never try to save a poor person or enrich one. Never try to cure a diseased person.  Always instantly remember that you are dealing not with a person, not with a condition, not with a thing, but with an hypnotic suggestion, with an hypnotic influence, with an hypnotic picture which has no existence outside of the human mind, human belief, human appearance. Then you will find that you destroy the entire fabric of which all error is made.

Every condition of limitation, whether it is limited finances, limited health, limited morals, limited living conditions is but the expression of a universal hypnotism, a universal illusion, a series of universal beliefs. The beliefs, actually when you reduce them to individual experience is:

•    a belief of a selfhood apart from God,
•    a belief of a cause apart from God,
•    a belief of a law apart from God,
•    a belief of a being apart from God,
•    a belief of a life apart from God,
•    a belief of substance apart from God,
•    a belief of wisdom apart from God,
•    of knowledge apart from God.

This whole series of beliefs put together constitute a mesmeric influence making us see limited persons, places, things and conditions.” ~ The Secret of the Healing Principal by Joel S. Goldsmith

I do believe this and know it to be true in my heart.  I readily admit I can be quite seduced by outer appearances.  I’m smack dab in the middle of a doozy of a hypnotic suggestion right now, yet I found so much comfort in reading this today.

Shortly after reading it, my husband texted me that he was in a meeting from hell.  I texted back to him: God is in that room.  I knew in that moment that’s all I need to know in life.  God is present everywhere.  Inside me, you, my house, your house, that meeting.  God is in that person on the other end of your life who seemingly could drive you up one wall and down the next.

I can look beyond appearances and see no thing except God.  Oh yes, I can.  And that’s all I need to remember.  I threw the windows and doors wide open and fresh air swept itself into my heart.  God is in the house.

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