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You didn’t come forth because you wanted guarantees.  And you knew you would ‘land on your feet beautifully’ because you knew the Divine that is back of every thing.  And you didn’t come forth to have some one dimensional point A to point B experience.  You came forth for the multi-layered adventure of it all, because you knew the Joy was in that moment-to-moment Creation, the hands in the clay, paint on the canvas experience that only you can have.

I wrote the above a few years year ago.  I think it ties in nicely with something I heard the other day: the gods rarely draw in straight lines.  And it also fits well with my other blog post entitled: Who Knows What’s Good What’s Bad.  Given that I have all of this understanding, at this point, you’d think I would be so going with the flow, just be-bopping along.  No more panty wad twisting for this girl.  But no, that would be way too easy :).

Yet here’s the thing – I am getting a sense of this other part of me who witnesses the drama, witnesses my reactions and is unaffected by it.  This observer me seems to have a perspective much like the long lens of a camera.  It sees the bigger picture that in the heat of the moment I cannot.  It senses an unfolding beyond this moment.  It rests in a knowing that all really is well and that all my endings are happy endings.  She has always been there.  The difference today, is that when she quietly beckons me, I begin to hear her now.  She has gone ahead and prepared the way for me.  I only need to take a moment, breathe and remember.

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