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Earlier in the month I was in the midst of an intensive 6 day training in Sourthern California.  This was part one of three parts leading to certification as a Chinese Face Reader.  It’s a subject I find fascinating, to say the least, and so does Louise Hay!  She has said that it’s the most exciting material she’s come across in the last 15 years.  If you are curious about Chinese Face Reading, click on the Wisdom of Your Face link in the right hand column of this blog under Favorite Things.

In the middle of training I thought, “I can’t do this” and I’ve armed myself with a litany of reasons detailing why I can’t!  There’s 60,000 facts about the face I must commit to memory.  Ok, that’s only a slight exaggeration, it feels like 60,000!   I’m supposed to be in my heart not my head to be a face reader.  Ok, that settles it, I can’t do it!  My spirit sunk with that notion.  Pack your bags, Bethie, because you cannot do this.

But wait, then I remembered the weekly powerful question I’d received that week.  These are questions I sit with, I don’t answer them immediately, instead I roll the question around like a shiny penny in my hand, feeling first around the edges of it.  So, what was the weekly powerful question, you ask?!  It was very simply: “What if I could?”

What if I could?  Here I was all bound up in I can’t do this, no way, no how.  I then recall — what if I could? — and instantly I am drawn into the life giving expansiveness of potential.  What if I could?  What if I asked that question of all my doubts and all my “I can’ts”.

I think I love it the most because I am not trying to convince myself I can.  Yes I can, feels like a quantum leap that I have to convince myself into and this also has the flavor of tight, contracted and all bound up.  But entertaining a “what if I could” is just a little, tiny, infinitesimal turn of the dial in the affirmative direction.  So small a step that lifts me up and out of my own gray prison walls and into the brightness of possibility and potential.

What if I could?  It’s a deep breath of fresh air.  A little question to ponder and there, right there, is the wide open receptive spaces of freedom.  Ok then, maybe I can :).

*Image I took at Carlsbad Beach, California, where my training was held.

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You didn’t come forth because you wanted guarantees.  And you knew you would ‘land on your feet beautifully’ because you knew the Divine that is back of every thing.  And you didn’t come forth to have some one dimensional point A to point B experience.  You came forth for the multi-layered adventure of it all, because you knew the Joy was in that moment-to-moment Creation, the hands in the clay, paint on the canvas experience that only you can have.

I wrote the above a few years year ago.  I think it ties in nicely with something I heard the other day: the gods rarely draw in straight lines.  And it also fits well with my other blog post entitled: Who Knows What’s Good What’s Bad.  Given that I have all of this understanding, at this point, you’d think I would be so going with the flow, just be-bopping along.  No more panty wad twisting for this girl.  But no, that would be way too easy :).

Yet here’s the thing – I am getting a sense of this other part of me who witnesses the drama, witnesses my reactions and is unaffected by it.  This observer me seems to have a perspective much like the long lens of a camera.  It sees the bigger picture that in the heat of the moment I cannot.  It senses an unfolding beyond this moment.  It rests in a knowing that all really is well and that all my endings are happy endings.  She has always been there.  The difference today, is that when she quietly beckons me, I begin to hear her now.  She has gone ahead and prepared the way for me.  I only need to take a moment, breathe and remember.

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In the early morning pre-dawn hours, these thoughts came to me—  

Greet each day knowing this:

Everything is right with you.

What you are seeking,

Is what you are.

Always remember

You are God’s creation

You are Good

You are Whole

You are, quite simply,


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Really only Rumi could say so much in so few words …


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And this is love—

The vertigo of Heaven

Beyond the cage of words,

Suddenly to be naked

In the searchlight of truth . . .

Music of the Sky: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

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