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It seems we all carry stories about our lives, private pains we’ve gone in and through.  It was my first visit to Maui, last December, that inspired this poem.  I met so many people with their heart open, so willing to share with me something so deeply personal to them, even in just chance conversations.  This poem honors the people of Maui and all the rest of us who carry these little pockets, and especially those who despite it all, live with their hearts open.




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almost entirely hidden
we carry this
a little pocket of pain

the one that time didn’t heal

tucked where it can’t easily be seen
something trivial and you bump into it
unexpected, it’s still tender

sometimes pieces tumble out
“it’s been ten years since …”
“I haven’t forgetten the moment when …”

the lyrics of our wounds differ
but that we are inevitably moved upon
by them is what we share

for what breaks us, shapes us
into something more

and sensing this in each other
we silently walk together on the street
where there are no strangers



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