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Stephen Hawking’s new book is about to be released and already there’s a buzz about the controversial idea he offers that there is no God needed to “set the Universe going” and that the “Universe can and will create itself from nothing”.  I don’t think he’s disputing that God exists, necessarily, but he does apparently seem to be saying that God is not needed for creation.

The first thing I did when I read this about him, was to check his birthdate and interpret it via the 9 star ki which is basically Chinese astrology.  This told me that he came into the world, or the equivalent to his sun sign in western astrology, as the number 5 which in Chinese astrology is the element of “middle” earth.  It’s a very powerful number and element to come into the world as.  A famous person, you may know who is also a 5 as their essential element, or first number in their 9 star ki, is Lady Gaga.

These are not people who are typically shy about being the center of attention.  They often have had life experience of an extreme nature and they’ve come with the potential to make a big splash in the world.  They often can have a profound influence on others.  So without question, Stephen Hawking is a shining example of his essential element.  I decided to give you all that background since you may read many things about Stephen Hawking but likely you won’t hear much about his 9 star ki.  And nowhere else, and I mean nowhere else, are you going to find any thing resembling a comparison drawn between Stephen Hawking and Lady Gaga.  You heard it here first!

On to my brief point here, let me first say I have not read his books and I am not a scientist.  I’m not out to really dispute his point either just offer an opinion.  I used to be an agnostic in terms of faith.  I had my first spiritual awakening in, of all places, Rocky Mountain National Park witnessing such glorious grandeur as I’d never before seen.  I knew this could be no accident.  Still, I’m by nature somewhat skeptical.  While I was not born in Missouri, referred to as the show me state, I was definitely a “show me” kind of gal.

Eventually I would become a nurse and am now retired from that profession.  It was during my studies of the human body that I realized again this was no accident.   There has to be a Grand Intelligence behind all of it.  Nothing else, in my opinion, can explain the orderliness and the sheer complexity of just the human body alone.  Additionally, throughout every moment your body will make adjustments to come into balance all day every day.  They even have a word for it in the medical field – homeostasis.  All of nature has the encoded ability to seek balance, equilibrium, harmony — homeostasis.  Not only then is it a Grand Intelligence, it’s an intelligence that operates with benevolence and dare I say kindness and grace even.

Call it God, call it Source, All That Is, etc., as I said in the commentary of my last poem, Life Never Fails, there is no place where God is not.  In my mind, it would follow then that God or a Grand Intelligence was and is behind the wheels of creation.  My only question, as a conscious creator then, is: am I working in tandem with this Grand Intelligence?  How will I know?  I will know, as Abraham says, in every moment by how I think and feel.

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