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One of my favorite posts here because it’s a true story of fear that was transformed with a Mother’s love and the Universe’s good grace in very real and tangible ways.  If I have a “manifestation” story to tell, when I’m older, this one would be it.  I’ve updated it a bit to bring it current with today.

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I thought it fitting since we are at the end of the month, to write about beginning at the end.  It goes like this: begin at the end and stay there.  This is something I learned from studying with The Field Center and the Neville Goddard material, as well.  What does it mean?  The end that you begin at is to embody the feeling, the sense that you already have whatever it is you were wanting.

Passing through a wrinkle in time, time now collapses in on itself, the veil is pulled back and your heart’s desire has already unfolded.  What does it feel like in your heart, your body to know that what you longed for is no longer at arm’s length but it’s here right now?  Note what it feels like because this is a feeling you can come back to again and again.

It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  I never really understood that it took a bit of commitment on my part to actually stay there.  That commitment flows out of falling in love with your heart’s desire so that it is no longer a desire, it’s a given.  You just know it and no fact that shows up in your now can sway you from this knowing.  It’s that kind of faithfulness and commitment that I am referring to.

The one who taught me about committing myself to “staying there” is my son.  Those who know me personally, know that I have a special needs son.  There were times in the past that his needs seemed to exceed what we could provide for him and for many reasons we thought he might have to live in an environment outside of our home where he could obtain the supports he needed.  More than anything, I didn’t want this to happen and I suffered a good bit over it for quite awhile.  I wanted a miracle to happen.

One day I felt inspired and made a decision.  I would fast forward to the ending that I wanted.  He stays here with us throughout his childhood and we have the supports that we need to provide for him.  I could see it in my mind’s eye, even though he is still a child today, here he was a young adult.  He had grown up and he’d stayed living with us in our home the whole time.  I could feel the feelings, the joy and contentment of raising him.  No more would I worry, will it happen?  It did happen — in my mind’s eye, my heart, my body it happened; I knew it was real and it was the truth.  I had peeled back the veil and saw and felt all that I needed to know.

Now my work is only to stay there.  By staying there, this means that nothing that happens day to day counts against my happy ending.  Why?  Because I don’t let it.  I don’t let myself come to any conclusions about anything that happens today.  I don’t take it seriously and I don’t allow it to have any importance.  That’s the commitment of staying there.  Only once since I experienced my happy ending have I given myself to a conclusion that counted against that happy ending.  On that day, I suffered and I suffered enough to renew my commitment again.

One miracle didn’t happen, many miracles happened over time: capable, highly specialized trained aides in our home, a cutting edge doctor working with my son, a specialty school, spiritual teachers showing up whose guidance has been pivotal, and many supports I was inspired to implement in the home.   Now today, I don’t question if my son will remain living with us, I know he will.

Ultimately children, and loved ones become our greatest teachers.  What we might not do for ourselves, we will do for them.  And what we do for love, we essentially do for ourselves, too.  It does not matter what path we take to get to alignment, only that we do get there.

Rumi, of course, said it best:

Close your eyes

Fall in love

Stay there.

There’s a host of happy endings inside each of us, awaiting our whole-hearted consent to join hands and “fall in love” with them.

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Alive to the thrill
Of the wild.

Meet the dawn
On a mountain.

Wash your face
In the morning dew.

Feel the favor of the earth.

Go out naked in the wind,
Your skin
Almost Aeolian.

With the music inside,
Dance like there is no outside.

Become subtle enough
To hear a tree breathe.

Sleep by the ocean,
Letting yourself unfurl
Like the reeds that swirl
Gradually on the sea floor.

Try to watch a painting from within:
How it holds what it never shows.

The mystery of your face,
Showing what you never see.

See your imagination dawn
Around the rim of the world.

Feel the seamless silk of the ocean
Womb you in ancient buoyancy.

Feel the wild imprint of surprise
When you are taken in by your lover’s eyes.

Succumb to warmth in the heart
Where divine fire glows.

~John O’Donohue~
To Bless the Space Between Us

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I was flipping through my well being cards the other day.  For those of you familiar with Abraham Hicks, you know what I am referring to here.  These, however, are homemade well being cards.  I use colored index cards and then I put quotes on them that inspire me.  I have decks of them all over the house and in my purse, as I’ve been doing this for a good number of years now.  I go through each deck a couple of times a week and put one out, front and center, that I want to focus on that day or that week.  I’ll read it and take a few conscious deep breaths and really sink into the deep well of wisdom I find in them.

It’s been awhile since I posted any of the quotes on my well being cards.  I have a bunch more now and as I read them to myself today, I was blown away by the sage wisdom in these cards.  This collection is quoting some of my friends, mentors, spiritual teachers, authors and then there are a few of my own words.

As I type them out now for you, I fancy myself the Inspiration Fairy.  Ummm, because … I can!  And I am waving my wand about the air, while sparkles of brilliant wisdom fly out from the tip of my wand.  Slowly they float down to you, leaving your world ablaze in a million fireflies, illuminating all your paths forevermore.  And so it is.

In every moment, there are two choices — to feel a little better or to feel a little worse.  ~Abraham Hicks

I always find the way out.  ~Martha G.
The way out is the way in.  ~Bethie

The Field is in charge and that’s the best possible arrangement. ~Philip Golabuk

Recognize the opportunity in the setback, in the loss.  That’s what makes us more in the setbacks. ~Unknown

A person is not old, until regrets take the place of dreams.  ~John Barrymore

Resist nothing, allow everything.  (This includes choosing to play it small today.) ~ Bethie

I stand for all that is good in you and all that is yet unloved.  I stand for all that is good in me and all that is yet unloved. ~Laundry Line Divine blog (oh, you will love the sweetness of this beautiful soul who created LLD)

A great pool of silence.  One word arises from its sublime depths: Thank you.  Amen ~Pelkyong

Nothing opposes me.  (It’s just me doing the opposing) ~ Luana

Just the facts and nothing but the facts. (see my Just the Facts blog entry)

How easy can I let this be? ~Holly S.

It’s amazing how much stuff really doesn’t matter.  ~Terri C.

How am I saying YES to me today?  ~Bethie

There are no guarantees — from the viewpoint of fear, none are strong enough — from the viewpoint of love, none are necessary.  ~Emmanuel

Anything unwanted that you let yourself have, you can let yourself release.  ~Holly S.

Surrender even in the little things.  ~Bethie

What would innocence bring to this thought, to this person, to this situation?  ~Bethie

Everything always works out for me.  ~Louise Hay

Are you ready right now to embrace your destiny?  ~from the TV show Make It or Break It, created and written by my friend Holly S.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.  ~Unknown

There is what happens and then there is who we are within it.  Oh look, the Field turned left to go right.  Wow, I wonder what the Field is up to.  ~Philip Golabuk

Will it matter in a year from now?  ~Bethie

No fact has the power to compel you to enter a state of contradiction.  ~Philip Golabuk

Absolutely everything unfolds for my good.  ~Louise Hay

Sometimes what happens in the world makes us forget.  It’s all up to us, we have choices.  You choose what’s next and you’ll wind up right where you’re supposed to be.  ~Flash Forward TV show … and … There are no wrong choices.  ~Bethie

You are allowed to be scared shitless.  … I’m a fan of the knot in my stomach from time to time, because it means I’m putting everything on the line.  ~Sarah C.

The things you want come chasing you, when you sit still, when you are not trying to make something happen, not trying to *get* something.  This is spiritual independence.  ~Philip Golabuk

Before you choose a path, ask yourself if the path has heart.  If it does, it will go well.  If it doesn’t, you’ll destroy it, to start again.  ~Carlos Castaneda

My precious desires are not made more precious by struggle.  They are, as always, precious in and of themselves, just as we are.  ~Bethie

And that, my fine furry spiritual friends is …. the end … or … the beginning … you choose.

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Love is a commonly used word, so frequently do we hear it that it’s become both under valued and over valued.  Over valued in it’s fickleness and under valued for the unexamined depth of what it really means.  I’ve sought to discover its true meaning.  It’s been a life long question and the answers change and morph as I do.  At times I’ve found love co-mingling with joy and truth.  A joy that is independent of facts or conditions and truths that remain when all else falls away.

I searched the archives of this blog and it’s over 600 posts many of which are quoting spiritual authors and poets.  Here’s a short collection of what some of them have to say on the subject of love, joy and truth.  Somewhere in there, I’ll slip in my own words.

This isn’t one of those blog posts you’ll want to hurry through and then go about flinging yourself into the day.  No, this is one you’ll want to linger with awhile and let the words melt like warm butter penetrating through the layers of being, softening as it moves deeper within, finally landing in that space that is beyond words.

* * * * *

The blue sky opens out farther and farther,
the daily sense of failure goes away,
the damage I have done to myself fades,
a million suns come forward with light,
when I sit firmly in that world.

I hear bells ringing that no one has shaken;
inside “love” there is more joy than we know of;
rain pours down, although the sky is clear of clouds;
there are whole rivers of light.


* * * * *

There will come a time when images have all gone by and you will see you know not what you are.  It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound.  Where concepts of the self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is….The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as love itself.  ~ A Course in Miracles

* * * * *

we call it. As in: wild, or perfect.
We abandon ourselves
to love.

~Kate Knapp Johnson~

* * * * *

This Union you want with the earth and sky
This Union we all need with love

Stay here quivering like a drop of mercury

(combined words of Rumi & Hafiz)

* * * * *

The real presence slips past our demand for spectacle. it slips past our despair. Not just like a child – sometimes it is a child. She walks down the blistered steps to where you kneel and says the simplest things. She is entertained by butterflies. She has opinions about unicorns. She does not seem to care that you are ruined and lost. She does not even seem to notice. Find an earthworm in the neglected loam and she will make you feel for a moment that your life has not been wasted. Name a flower and she will make you feel that you have begun to learn to speak. ~Tim Farrington

* * * * *

I am the one whose love
overcomes you, already with you
when you think to call my name….

~Jane Kenyon~

* * * * *

…you must be willing to set fear aside and trust your knowing self,
the truth which lies deep within, that tells you what to do, from a
place of truth and deep connection with all that is. This truth is
beyond fear.

Quado through Carrie Hart

* * * * *

Never mind pleasure.  Search out joy.  Pleasure is
its shadow.  But joy is real, a secret splendor
running through all creation.

Like gold, it doesn’t lie about the streets waiting
to be picked up.  It has to be dug for, with diligence
and passion.  It’s in people, to be found through
the practice of love.  It’s in work, in the rigorous
exercise of powers of mind or body or spirit.  It’s a
gift the created world is perpetually offering; the
price of it is untiring attention to the present
moment.  …

Hunt it down, pursue it, track it to its lair where
it dwells.  Not in pleasures and pastimes, distractions,
piled-up satisfactions, and busyness.  It dwells in truth,
and nowhere else.

That’s why it matters.  It will show you moment by
moment where truth is for you.  And when you know that,
cleave to it, turn not aside, be given up to that.  That,
if you will will, is a way of life worth living.

~Fae Malania~

* * * * *

If you deny what is your nature
you become deeply attached to that denial.
When you accept what is there, in its truth,
then you are released.
One does not release through rejection.
One releases through love.

Emmanuel’s Book I: A manual for living comfortably in the cosmos

* * * * *

Your choice is between illusion and truth.
There is no particular formula for choosing.
There is only your intent.  Will that be enough?
It will be enough to start you on your way.

Keep asking yourselves, “Am I here now?”
Just that question
will make enormous changes in your lives.
If you ask it experientially
rather than philosophically,
you will find that it becomes a mantra
that will bring you back,
breath by breath, to this time, to this place,
for in truth there is no other.

As you set yourself free from your histories,
you will wear your costumes more lightly;
you will smile much more than usual,
and you will release your hearts
to the point where you begin to trust them.
You will, in short,
let yourselves out of prison, bar by bar.

Fear is a habit.
As you recognize it,
you will be able to loosen the viselike grip –
not that fear has upon you –
but that you have upon fear.

Fear will go away
once you give it permission
to leave.

Emmanuel Book III: What Is an Angel Doing Here?

* * * * *

I want to linger inside the silence
void of sound and distraction

long enough to see for myself that love’s only obstacle
fear, really is just a paper dragon

I want to let every barrier to love fall away

I want to liberate what sleeps within me

and awake resplendent in all that remains:
your pure and perfect love


* * * * *

“In this,” she says (this vision or, as she always calls it, shewing)–“In this He shewed me a little thing, the quantity of a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand, and to my understanding it was as round as any ball. I looked thereupon and thought: ‘What may this be?’ And I was answered in a general way, thus: ‘It is all that is made.’ I marvelled how it could last, for methought it might fall suddenly to naught for littleness. And I was answered in my understanding: ‘It lasts and ever shall last because God loves it, and so hath all-thing its being through the love of God.”  -Fae Malania, The Quantity of a Hazelnut

* * * * *

And now finally and ultimately we come to the end of describing something that really is beyond description.  Though it can be experienced, it is formless and cannot be held nor heard nor seen.  With a twist of paradox, I leave you with this from Suzanne Vega:

I won’t use words again …

They’re just the crust of the meaning
With realms underneath
Never touched
Never stirred
Never even moved through

If language were liquid
It would be rushing in
Instead here we are
In a silence more eloquent
Than any word could ever be

* * * * *

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Stumbled on this in my archives.  I wrote this several months ago and I think it’s sage wisdom any time of the year …

What if we believed all things were unfolding for our good — not just some of our experiences but ALL of them?  Well, what if we did?  That would eliminate all anxiety, fear and worry.  It would essentially rid us of all suffering.  But it would require something of us, we’d have to suspend all conclusions that are set against our desires.  We’d cease inserting a period into any experience, as my friend Wenda would say.  We’d remember that life is in perpetual expansion and because of this the nature of all things is continually unfolding.  We know this to be true, now couple that with believing that everything that happens – happens for our highest good.  Imagine for just a moment what that would feel like.  Do you feel the peace, the ease and the profound relief wash over you as you rest in that knowing?

in a world where we can choose to adopt any belief we want to, why not choose the ones that work for us and with us.  Everything about this vast Universe moves with grace and benevolence.  The whole of nature moves towards balance and well being.  This is proof that all that does unfold is for the well being of everything.  Knowing this, there are no longer any reasons to suffer over anything.  Next time, should you find yourself beginning down the trail of suffering, take pause to remind yourself, everything unfolds for your greater good.  You may not see the bigger picture in this red hot moment but you can trust the truth of this knowing — everything unfolds for my good — and rest there.   No longer will you walk through darkness.  The belief that everything unfolds for your good will illuminate all your paths and prove itself true for you again and again, if you just let it.

Should we suffer needlessly again, it is because we’ve reached a conclusion that counts against everything unfolding for the good.  We’ve inserted a period into that experience —- forgetting momentarily how life is in constant flow.  We can re-join that flow right now.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath and sink into knowing that all things are unfolding for your good.  Stay there long enough to feel how it feels in your body and before you open your eyes remember you can take this feeling with you wherever you go.  Know that you need not suffer a moment longer as long as you choose to know with every fiber of your being that everything, absolutely everything is unfolding for your good.  Let that be the gift you give yourself this season.   It truly will demonstrate itself to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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In Stillness

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I have been looking for the words that come
before words: the ones older than silence,
the ones not mine, that can’t be found by thought—
the ones that hold the beginning of the world
and are never used up, which arrive loaned,
and make me weep.

~Nancy Shaffer~
Instructions in Joy

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This video is stunning, exquisite and mesmerizing.  So many of my very favorites quoted here with an ethereal musical accompaniment.  This is a glimpse of heaven as it is on earth.  Watch and feel yourself coming Home to yourself, that inner place of pure grounded clarity and radiance.  It’s ten minutes short :).  If you can’t take the time to watch it today, consider bookmarking it and come back to it again — or bookmark it anyway, and save it for a “rainy” day.

Many thanks to Miriam Evers for posting it on FB.  Infinite gratitude to “kwisital” for the creation of this video.  I could possibly spend all day watching all of your videos.

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Stephen Hawking’s new book is about to be released and already there’s a buzz about the controversial idea he offers that there is no God needed to “set the Universe going” and that the “Universe can and will create itself from nothing”.  I don’t think he’s disputing that God exists, necessarily, but he does apparently seem to be saying that God is not needed for creation.

The first thing I did when I read this about him, was to check his birthdate and interpret it via the 9 star ki which is basically Chinese astrology.  This told me that he came into the world, or the equivalent to his sun sign in western astrology, as the number 5 which in Chinese astrology is the element of “middle” earth.  It’s a very powerful number and element to come into the world as.  A famous person, you may know who is also a 5 as their essential element, or first number in their 9 star ki, is Lady Gaga.

These are not people who are typically shy about being the center of attention.  They often have had life experience of an extreme nature and they’ve come with the potential to make a big splash in the world.  They often can have a profound influence on others.  So without question, Stephen Hawking is a shining example of his essential element.  I decided to give you all that background since you may read many things about Stephen Hawking but likely you won’t hear much about his 9 star ki.  And nowhere else, and I mean nowhere else, are you going to find any thing resembling a comparison drawn between Stephen Hawking and Lady Gaga.  You heard it here first!

On to my brief point here, let me first say I have not read his books and I am not a scientist.  I’m not out to really dispute his point either just offer an opinion.  I used to be an agnostic in terms of faith.  I had my first spiritual awakening in, of all places, Rocky Mountain National Park witnessing such glorious grandeur as I’d never before seen.  I knew this could be no accident.  Still, I’m by nature somewhat skeptical.  While I was not born in Missouri, referred to as the show me state, I was definitely a “show me” kind of gal.

Eventually I would become a nurse and am now retired from that profession.  It was during my studies of the human body that I realized again this was no accident.   There has to be a Grand Intelligence behind all of it.  Nothing else, in my opinion, can explain the orderliness and the sheer complexity of just the human body alone.  Additionally, throughout every moment your body will make adjustments to come into balance all day every day.  They even have a word for it in the medical field – homeostasis.  All of nature has the encoded ability to seek balance, equilibrium, harmony — homeostasis.  Not only then is it a Grand Intelligence, it’s an intelligence that operates with benevolence and dare I say kindness and grace even.

Call it God, call it Source, All That Is, etc., as I said in the commentary of my last poem, Life Never Fails, there is no place where God is not.  In my mind, it would follow then that God or a Grand Intelligence was and is behind the wheels of creation.  My only question, as a conscious creator then, is: am I working in tandem with this Grand Intelligence?  How will I know?  I will know, as Abraham says, in every moment by how I think and feel.

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