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While out visiting family in Pennsylvania, I found a great store with a huge purse collection and decided it was time for a new purse.  There was much deliberation, read — I was in there forever.  These things do take consideration. It’s practically a marriage, albeit a temporary one, purchasing a new purse.   Finally I settled on one.  It was smaller than what I had been using but so adoreable I just had to have it.  I convinced myself I didn’t need everything that was in my current purse.  Little did I recognize at the time just how much I would have to downsize with this new, small “adoreable” purse.

As I was downsizing and sorting piles of keep this and don’t keep this, I came across an old collection of what I affectionately call “well being cards”.   Those of you who have followed this blog since forever have read a couple of posts related to well being cards.  I was surprised to realize I had been collecting a version of well being cards since my days of trekking over to the Kripula yoga center in the late 90s.  Anyway, my point and I do have one, is this one card I found — it’s Abraham and it really got my attention, it was a keeper for sure.  It reads:

“Focus on what you are flowing instead of what is being flowed to you.”

Later in the week, I had an issue with a relative.  I dubbed her a “taker”.  Since it was me having the issue with her and she’s a taker in my mind, then what does that make me?  A victim.

So now I’ve got my panties in a wad over this and I’m never content to stay there.  I pondered where do I go from here?  Should I make a list of her positive aspects?  Oh no, in that moment, I was so far from being able to genuinely list any positive aspects about her.  That’s when I remembered the quote.  Focus on what you are flowing instead of what is being flowed to you.  The moment I remembered and practiced it, it brought me instant relief.  It led me back to my center.

Reacting to the stuff of life, people and situations is what my teacher calls “too much with the world”.  Too much with the world is a highly reactive stance.  It’s the proverbial blade of grass blowing which ever way the wind blows.  It knocks me off balance every time I allow myself to be too much with the world.  It’s living life from the outside in instead of living it from the inside out.

A reactive response to the world is to give my power away.  Focusing on what I am flowing over what is being flowed to me is an empowering stance.  It is to pull back and reclaim my power.  And so that’s what I practiced.  Then it was easy to see her positive aspects.  I didn’t however, have to sit down and make myself list her positive traits.  It just flowed naturally, once I practiced focusing on what I was flowing.

My husband was upset about something today.  Bless his heart, he doesn’t listen to Abraham or read any of the metaphysical stuff I do but he is always open to it.  I told him about the quote and how I applied it, he also found instant relief.

Remembering a recent quote I posted here from a Carlos Castaneda book: “Before you choose a path, ask yourself if the path has heart.  If it does, it will go well.  If it doesn’t, you’ll destroy it, to start again.”  Living life from the inside out is my path to personal freedom and most definitely a path that has heart.

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