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I’m listening to Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibe.  This is really my first exposure to Sonia Choquette’s work and I must say I love her.  I love her energy, I love her vibe, her soft friendly voice and her talent as a teacher.

As it also happens, I’m doing some deep inner work this week.  Plunging the depths of unknown inner territory and it’s scaring the heck out of me.  So I’m listening to Sonia Choquette and here’s what she says about fear:

“It isn’t fear that paralyzes you.  It’s hiding fear that paralyzes you.  Here’s my experience: it takes so much effort to hide fear that you really do get frozen in your tracks. …  Feel your fear and go with your vibration anyway.  Simply saying: I’m afraid. … Feel your fear, make peace with your fear, good grief never try to get over it.  Just say I’m afraid and I’m OK with that.  Once you express that energy it’s like getting the boulder out of the road.  It is such a relief not to hide that.  The impetus to move forward becomes so great that in spite of your fears you find yourself moving in the right direction, taking the risk, doing the right thing.”

Ok, so I’m here to say it out loud to lord knows how many people: I’m afraid and I’m not going to hide and I’m not going to let that fear stand in the way either.

This girl has no room in her hotel for anything less-ness.  All my interior rooms shall be filled with the golden sun of pure love streaming through to reveal all my much-ness.  And jabberwocky of fear, I shall not slay you after all, we shall be friends and walk through this together.

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