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“There are all kinds of unlovely fruit. But you can detach yourself from your unlovely harvest by making an adjustment in your human
imagination. Ask yourself what you would like to harvest.” ~Neville Goddard

If you find that you are giving yourself to “unlovely fruit”, in your mind, imaginally, then the next step is:

what lovely fruit would you rather give yourself to?

Or stated in today’s language, (though I must say I love Neville’s way of speaking), what do you want?  It is said that practice begins with knowing what you want.  Harvesting unlovely fruit is knowing what you don’t want.  That’s ok though, because what you don’t want will point you to what you do want.

The canvas is all yours, you, me, we can paint unlovely fruit, we can paint anything we want.  So which is more desirable: paint the unlovely, yucky fruit or something beautiful and lovely to behold in our inner landscape?  I know it’s a complete no brainer when put that way.  So why do we sometimes attempt to harvest unlovely fruit?  The why doesn’t really matter.  It only matters that we do.  And sometimes just having a clear, simple direction for practice is all we need to lend ourselves to the fruit of our heart’s desires.

On our canvas, even the sky is not the limit, in other words, there are no limits.  So, do we paint paradise or a parking lot?  Sorry, Joni.  :)

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