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Optimism is reflected in many areas of life.

Many birds in their fantastic migrations demonstrate an amazing optimism, traveling thousands of miles to distant shores, almost literally flying by faith, as it were, ignoring all dangers, unbesieged by doubts.

There is no hesitancy, but the sure flight. Birds do not question whether or not the weather will be favorable, the winds fair or foul. They simply fly towards their destination. Even if some birds do fall or die, this in no way impedes or undermines the faith of the others.

Monarch butterflies, in their remarkable migrations, often fly toward land that they have never seen themselves — and yet they reach their destination.

In all such cases there is an inbred biological faith, that courage and vitality, that biological optimism. It acts the same in people, triggering the necessary bodily responses. Only when the optimism is severely tampered with do the physical mechanisms falter. Even then, however, all creatures are sustained
by that innate gift, that inner sense of security that not only propels creatures toward life, but safely conducts them past physical life and past death’s doorway.

The way toward health is simplicity itself.

It is the natural, easiest way to behave, yet this natural mental behavior is often quite difficult for the intellect to understand, since the intellect is apt to enjoy playing with complications and solving problems. Therefore, to the intellect it often seems ludicrous to imagine that the answer to a question lies within the question itself.

All of nature demonstrates this almost miraculous seeming simplicity. Plants and animals and all of life’s aspects take it quite for granted that the sun will shine and the rains will fall in the way best conducive to all creatures.  Animals certainly do not worry about tomorrow’s weather conditions. It may be true that animals do not need to know tomorrow’s weather, since they do not plant seeds or collect the harvest. It is perfectly fine to make plans for the future, yet each individual should live day by day, without worrying about the outcome of those plans.

The physical body can only react in the present moment. Worrying about future events, or dwelling upon past unfavorable situations, only confuses the body’s mechanisms, and undermines their precise activity in the present moment.

I am not saying that anyone should pretend that unfavorable circumstances do not sometimes exist, or that they may not be encountered in the past, present, or future. It is also true, however, that advantageous events occur with a far greater frequency than do negative ones — otherwise the world that you know simply would not exist. It would have disappeared in the throes of destruction
or calamity.

In a basic way, it is against nature’s purposes to contemplate a dire future, for all of nature operates on the premise that the future is assured. Nature is everywhere filled with promise — not only the promise of mere survival, but the promise of beauty and fulfillment. Once again, the keen sense of promise is
innate within each portion of the body. It triggers the genes and chromosomes into their proper activity, and it promotes feelings of optimism, exuberance, and strength.

… Live each day as fully and joyfully as possible. Imagine the best possible results of any plans or projects. Above all, do not concentrate upon past unfavorable events, or imagined future ones.

~Seth – Jane Roberts – The Way Toward Health~

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The Meadow

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Half the day lost, staring
at this window. I wanted to know
just one true thing

about the soul, but I left thinking
for thought, and now —
two inches of snow have fallen

over the meadow. Where did I go,
how long was I out looking
for you?, who would never leave me,
my withness, my here.

~Kate Knapp Johnson~
Wind Somewhere, And Shade

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Following on the heels of yesterday’s post, A Good Day, I wanted to write more on the theme of self love.  True, wholehearted self love is rooted in a fidelity with yourself.  It requires a commitment, a faithfulness and a willingness to not just know your truth but to live up to it.  This means that you make your choices not based on: is it wrong? is it right? is it good? is it bad? but … is it mine?  Is it mine to do? is it mine to give? is it mine to speak? is it mine to feel?  Is it?  Only you can know this.  These are your Truths and no one else’s.  If you’ve ever forsaken and abandoned yourself in deference to what you thought should be your truth, it’s never too late to write a new history.  Starting now you can renew your vow to be ever faithful to who you are and how you choose to show up in this world.  This is the “heart and soul” of self love.

I invite you to listen to this song below, Love’s Divine, by Seal as if it’s speaking to you on this very topic – the journey to honoring one’s self.

Then the rainstorm came, over me
And I felt my spirit break
I had lost all of my, belief you see
And realized my mistake
But time threw a prayer, to me
And all around me became still

I need love, love’s divine
Please forgive me now I see that I’ve been blind
Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name

Through the rainstorm came sanctuary
And I felt my spirit fly
I had found all of my reality
I realize what it takes

‘Cause I need love, love’s divine
Please forgive me now I see that I’ve been blind
Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name

Oh I, don’t bend, don’t break
Show me how to live and promise me you won’t forsake
‘Cause love can help me know my name

Well I try to say there’s nothing wrong
But inside I felt me lying all along
But the message here was plain to see
Believe me

‘Cause I need love, love’s divine
Please forgive me now I see that I’ve been blind
Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name

Oh I, don’t bend, don’t break
Show me how to live and promise me you won’t forsake
‘Cause love can help me know my name

Love can help me know my name

*this post is dedicated in appreciation to Holly Sorensen, amazing friend and mentor of sorts, who has taught me over the years, more about radical self love than anyone

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A Good Day

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it’s a good day to be your self today
to let each moment be the truest expression
of who you really are

no holding back
no shoulds
no judgment

just being
the most authentic you
that you can be


because even a moment
where you show up as something
other than what you know yourself to be
is a moment where you live someone
else’s idea of who you should be

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I just finished reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.  Perhaps you thought I read metaphysical/consciousness stuff all the time.  I do read a lot of that but once in a while, I temper all that seriousness with lighthearted and fun reading.  So, I adored the book, hated that it was over, when I reached that final page, and cried at the ending.  I’m not going to review the book per se but I loved its story of a guardian angel.  The main character in the book has a deceased great-aunt for a ghost that lives with her and she evolves into her guardian angel.  All sorts of circumstances and people come together because the guardian angel arranged it behind the scenes.

Doesn’t that just sound like The Universe?  Isn’t that our guardian angel?  Haven’t you had things happen to you that just had you scratching your head, how did that happen?  Have you ever thought of something or pondered wouldn’t it be nice if such and such happened and it did?  Haven’t people, circumstances and events sometimes come together in ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined?  Moments where you said it all unfolded even beyond your wildest dreams?  Haven’t wonderful things happened to you, where you thought: oh my gosh, I can’t believe this happened to me?!  Or you get a little nudge, an impulse to do something, you don’t know why, but you do it anyway and surprising things happen to you as a result.  Or how about all those times when everything turned out alright after all and seemingly just in the “nick of time”.

Maybe that’s because we all have a guardian angel.  And the Universe/God/Source/Field, whatever floats your boat, is it.  A guardian angel orchestrating a multitude of things on our behalf.  A guardian angel who has had our back at every step of the way.  A guardian angel that’s stepped in and carried us through the worst of times.  A guardian angel that moves with grace and benevolence and infinite wisdom and is by our side at all times.

And this guardian angel still remains when I get to the end of this book of Life because deep down, where it matters, I know that I’m not alone, that I truly am loved beyond measure and always have been and always will be.  That’s there’s an inescapable and mysterious Something out there always moving on my behalf, guiding me and encouraging me to take my hands off the wheel.  They’ve got me covered, they always have.

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What we take to be real is that which we believe is true in our world.  It’s the paint that we apply on our canvas, the clay we mold with, what we identify with.  Often they are identity, I am, statements.  I’m not good at that.  I am tired.  Say it often and you lend agreement to it, you give your consent to it.  State it enough times and you own it.  You effectively marry that version of you.

It’s a good reminder to keep handy, any time you find yourself feeling out of sorts about something to ask yourself – what am I taking to be real right now?  It’s a little way of snapping ourselves out of the story of our own making.  Once you see what you are taking to be real, you can then ask: do I really know this to be true?   Nearly always the answer to that question is – no, I don’t absolutely know this to be true.

With two simple questions you begin to wake up to the dream you are dreaming, the script you are writing, the picture you are painting and from this vantage point you get to choose differently.

Isn’t that such a relief to know?  It’s so simple that it’s easy to forget yet practice it long enough and it will become a welcome habit.

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God speaks to each of us as he makes us,
then walks with us silently out of the night.

These are the words we dimly hear:

You, sent out beyond your recall,
go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me.

Flare up like flame
and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going.  No feeling is final.
Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.
You will know it by its seriousness.

Give me your hand.

Excerpted from Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

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This is a daily note from the Universe over at www.tut.com.  Mike Dooley is the genius behind these.  He is a wacky, clever and gifted writer!  This one just made me grin ear to ear.
If you sign up for these at his website, they will be personalized just for you and one will arrive in your inbox about every week day.

“Did you know that whenever you feel love, you literally begin to glow? You probably did.

But did you know that the glowing is actually made up of zillions of minute sparkles? And that these sparkles receive as much energy as they create? And that because of this energy exchange you completely stop aging and look younger? Abundance is immediately drawn to you? Healing powers fill you? Muscles are strengthened, pounds are shed, and your vision improves? Lingering questions are answered? New friends are summoned? Old friends are poked? Problems are solved? And maple syrup tastes more maple-y?
All when you feel love.

It’s true –
The Universe”

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Cherish the moments of your day today
and yourself in it.

Moments which, one by one, will be strung together
flanked by your waking moment and the instant
you give yourself to sleep tonight.

Each moment infused with what only you can bring to it.

Love to all ♥ Beth

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The Black Sun

Truth is
when the heart grows cold enough
everything disappears. Even the self

is invisible (though the mind
would prefer a word like “detained”).

If you can’t feel anything
the whole world is “detained” —
our lives happening and unhappening
at what seems a safe distance.

But that
is all a seeming, an apparition.
There is only one
distance, which is love, one real
choice, and if we consent to it,

the one we were
is lost forever. “Abandonment,”
we call it. As in: wild, or perfect.
We abandon ourselves
to love.

~Kate Knapp Johnson~
Wind Somewhere and Shade

photograph: Ansel Adams, “The Black Sun, Owens Valley, California,” 1939

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