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When you come before me, rejoice, because rejoicing implies that something
has happened which you desired. Come before me singing, giving praise, and
giving thanks, for these states of mind imply acceptance of the state sought.
Put yourself in the proper mood and your own consciousness will embody it.

If I could define prayer for anyone and put it just as clearly as I could, I would
simply say, “It is the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” If you ask, “What do you mean
by that?” I would say, “I would feel myself into the situation of the answered
prayer and then I would live and act upon that conviction.” I would try to sustain
it without effort, that is, I would live and act as though it were already a fact,
knowing that as I walk in this fixed attitude my assumption will harden into fact.

~Neville Goddard~

I love that – come before me singing, giving praise, and giving thanks.  This is the
essence of gratitude.  And what it lays witness to is the you that has embodied the desire.  No more lingering doubts now, it’s so much a part of you.  This is more than faith and greater than hope, it’s embodying the wish, the desire fulfilled.

Giving yourself to it as if it’s your one true love, fully and without reservation. So much so, that the dream fulfilled is no longer at arm’s length somewhere in the future.  Your internal landscape reflects the you that is living it now.  You feel it in
how you breathe and how you walk, there’s a lightness about you and an ease.
What is left now but to rise up singing and giving thanks!

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