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This is my favorite movie of all time.  As the years have passed since I first watched it as a child, I see that its meaning is multi-layered.

Home is where Dorothy wants to return and finds that she always had that power to get back home via the ruby slippers. Yet, when she wakes up in her own bed, she’s told she never left home at all.  She was just dreaming a dream that she had left it.

Home then becomes a metaphor for Who We Really Are, the stuff of God.  And, we, too, can never leave it.  We can only dream a dream that we have left it.  Dream a dream that we are separate and not whole.  But it’s only a dream that we leave home.  We can’t ever really leave home.  We don’t undock from the
“mother ship”.  It’s not possible, not even in death.  So the perception of separateness becomes the dream we are dreaming.

And then we wake up, little by little, in stages at times and remember that Who We Really Are is whole and perfect and so much an integral part of this beautiful, friendly, benevolent, grace filled and peaceful Universe.

I believe that promise of waking up from the dream of separateness, pulses at all times within each of us.  Call that promise the ruby slippers, if you will, but it’s no magic.  It’s real and any moment is a moment to stop what we are doing, take a deep and conscious breath and remember Who We Really Are right now.  We are that beautiful, peaceful, benevolent, friendly, grace filled Universe, too.

Breathing in beauty, I remember.
Breathing in peace, I remember.
Breathing in benevolence, I remember.
Breathing in friendship, I remember.
Breathing in grace, I remember.

I remember, I am home.  I never really left it, after all.  And yes, Dorothy, there is no place like Home.

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