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Follow your bliss, those were the immortal words of Joseph Campbell and oft quoted by Abraham Hicks.  I love its simple message coupled with Abraham’s message that appreciation is what brings us closest to our true nature and Source Energy.   G.K. Chesterton also said: “praise should be the permanent pulsation of the soul”.  I love that quote.  To appreciate, to praise is to follow my bliss.

I’m listening to the cliff note’s version of “Happy For No Reason”, these mp3’s are put out by Philosopher’s Notes.  I highly recommend them.  Happy For No Reason presents several ideas.  The one I like the most is giving out awards daily.  The best cloud award of the day.  The most beautiful flower award of the day.  The kindest driver award today.  The nicest customer service person today.  Or how about this: the biggest raindrop that plopped on my head today; hello, I live in Seattle after all :).  As I was walking outside today, I thought of the prettiest bird song award.  The loveliest red maple leaf award.  The best dog tail wag today.  The best Autumn season ever award.  The most gleeful children’s voices award today.  The funnest laugh of the day.  The chubbiest bumble bee award.  You get the idea, you can tailor it to your likes and make it your own.

The idea is so much about appreciation.  I remember when I first started out with the teachings of Abraham and all I did was practice appreciation.  Talk about an easy method for turning your boat downstream.  What I loved about Happy For No Reason is that it reminded me how sometimes the simplest stuff is overlooked in the busyness of the day.  I forget how easy it is to turn my attention to the things I love and appreciate.  As I get back in the flow of what is the natural pulsation of my soul, I remember again just how good it feels to love, to praise, to appreciate.

Happy For No Reason also quotes a parable that was part of one my very first blog posts here entitled Feeding the Lover, have a look at it via the link, if you like.  It’s good wisdom even today.

Thanks to Ritama for recommending Philosopher’s Notes and Ritama you get my Best Not-Yet-Seen-In-The-Physical Fellow Blogger Award today!  How is that for a mouthful?! :)

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