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Fear is that place of disconnection where you decide
to tough it out all on your own.

But peeking around the door,
is that Inner Being of yours.
Saying come dear one, I’m here with you.
Here I am. I’m always here. I am Love.

When you are afraid, you don’t know me.

I am the sun peeking through the clouds.

When you are afraid, you look down, you don’t see me.

Look up, look around, see me now.
I am here. Feel me now. I have not left you.
I’m always here for you.

Don’t look for me in your worries, I won’t follow.

In that smile of yours, the one that just beams from the inside,
that’s the beginning of where I am.  Come be with me.
I am always here for you.

With love from one Inner Being to another…


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