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surrendering{“Surrendering” by Freydoon Rassouli}

“You cannot wake yourself.
You can let yourself be awakened.”

~A Course in Miracles

I like the emphasis here on letting.  Not forcing but allowing.
And then an interesting synonym for “let” is: sit still for.  This
is to suggest that to let something come about requires no
action on our part except perhaps a releasing of individual will
and a resting in stillness.  No forcing, no action.  Just resting.
Stand still and allow, let the Universe support you.

This theme is also found in the The Field Center studies.
Here we find the Four Noble Truths:

1) Anything can happen.
2) You can’t make it happen.
3) You can let it happen.
4) If you let it happen to make it happen, it won’t happen.*

Interesting paradox isn’t it: if you let it happen to make it happen,
it won’t happen.  That is because the letting entailed in making
something happen is just another method of forcing the individual
will, albeit tying it up in a sophisticated bow.

This helps explain how sometimes when we find ourselves “at
the end of our rope”, an answering soon follows.  Why? because
finally personal will has been surrendered.  We have ceased to
bang anything into place, we have even come to the conclusion
that we don’t have all or even any of the answers.  In this state
of surrender and uncertainty, we have lost our grip on forcing
our will and have entered the portal of willingness.  A willing-
ness to finally concede that we don’t have the answers; we can’t
make anything happen and a corresponding receptivity to the
creative force of the Universe.  And miraculously it seems, at the
moment we are literally brought to our knees in surrender, answers
soon follow and manifestations appear just at the 11th hour.

So then it would behoove me to let go of my headstrong reasonings
that I have any of the answers, to let go of any forcing or trying to
make something happen.  To rest in that sweet spot where I don’t
stop caring about what I want.  On the contrary, I care deeply but
I now have the wisdom to know that an entire Universe can work it’s
magic far better than anything little me could possibly bang into place.
May that wisdom deepen in me so that I no longer have to be at the
end of my rope for answers to be let in.


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