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In a world filled with limitless possibilities, why do we sometimes choose limitation?  Why, indeed.  As conscious creators we paint the canvas and sometimes paint ourselves into a corner of limitation.  We become attached to the way we think things ought to be and feel obliged to give our attention to whatever doesn’t correspond to the way we think it ought to be.  We feel almost hypnotically entranced and seduced with the ways of the world.  We fall asleep and forget we have a choice.  And then we come and read Beth’s blog and wake up again :) as she, herself, also wakes up.

So what is a conscious creator to do then?  Refuse to acknowledge limitation of any sort.  That refusal means you simply withdraw your attention from limitations.  I know I said that as if it is simple.  It does become simpler every time you practice it.  Consistency is the cornerstone of practice.

Where we place our attention is what we agree with and unknowingly consent to having it as our dance partner.  Limitation is a dance partner that steps on our feet!  We keep dancing with it anyway – because it ought to be different!  And it will be, as soon as we make a conscious decision to dance with a different partner.  Limitless possibilities is so open and expansive; see how free you already feel dancing in the arms of inexhaustible potentialities.  Can you imagine that?  If not, just look around you right now – the Universe is so freely giving itself to you, it knows no bounds, it is without limits.  You are that Universe, you can freely give yourself to anything you choose and you do it with where you place your consciousness.  We were never meant to feel joy dancing with restriction, with limits, with restraint.  We were given the latitude to dance freely and without constraints.  That’s why we have free will and the right to exercise that free will fully or limit and restrict it.

So where shall we place our consciousness today – on the side of limitation or on the side of limitless, inexhaustible potentialities.  It’s our call.  Always.  Let’s let ourselves be seduced by a world without limits.  A world and a consciousness where anything can and does change in an instant.   Let’s make that our new dance partner.  Paso Doble anyone?

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