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The inner conversation – we are all having one during our waking hours, off and on throughout the day.  Those inner conversations that are consistently repeated are the ones deemed to have a creative force in our lives.  They are a good indicator of what we believe and what we take to be real in this world. And if the inner conversation is saying how fabulous you are and how great life is, then go live your groovy life and stop reading this now.  But if you have a day where the inner conversation is not so desirable, then read on.

When you dream at night, do you ever get the sense that there is the you experiencing the dream and there is also someone watching the dream unfold? There is this other presence on the periphery that is not experientially in the dream but on the outskirts of it just watching.  This other presence is really a version of you, an internal you.  She or he is a neutral observer in the dream and holds no opinion or judgment about what is unfolding.  This other presence is unmoved by circumstances or events.

You can re-create this version of you, this neutral watcher/observer, this internal you, in your waking hours.  Next time you are having a less than desirable inner conversation, take a deep breath.  I love conscious deep breaths, they are such a good cleansing and transitioning tool.  Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine that you are driving a car.  Feel the steering wheel, your foot on the pedal, driving down the road and still engaged in your inner conversation.  Now glance to your side over to the passenger seat and see another version of yourself seated in the passenger seat.  This is your other presence, the version of you who is on the periphery.  The one who has no investment in your inner conversation, is unmoved by it.  It just watches you.  This presence is completely neutral.  Yet, it is also you.  You are both the one having the inner conversation and the one on the periphery.

Now try maintaining this inner conversation while you are behind the wheel of your imaginary car with your other presence seated on the passenger side. It’s not possible any more.  And you did nothing to try and alter that conversation except play a little imaginary game that momentarily shifted your awareness.  Now, unencumbered by less than desirable inner conversations, you are free to turn your attention to the inner conversations that put a little spring in your step and leave you spontaneously humming for seemingly no good reason.

The world is a friendly place, when we are inwardly a friendly place and befriending the self is ultimately to love oneself.

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