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Last night while you slept, the All Souls meeting was held
The western hemisphere convened in Rio Di Janeiro
And the eastern in New Dehli
With conferencing between the two via telepathy

Up for discussion and a vote:
Shall we reveal to human forms that there really is
no death?
All other life forms intuitively understand this
many people are still unaware that they shall shed
a body but not life itself

The vote:
47% nay
44% yay
9% as yet undecided

When interviewed, the nay-sayers felt the revelation
might be comforting to some and yet frightening to others

“Forever life and no ended-ness can be too overwhelming,”
stated one nay-sayer soul

And so it was tabled for a future All Souls meeting

Forever-ness continues quietly behind the scenes
Deferred but not forgotten or denied

Every now and again, a human slips past the Veil of
Knowledge and becomes aware of Forever-ness

And their ecstacy ripples throughout the Universe

Dedicated to my Daddy

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“…you have the capability to realize the joy of true fulfillment.

You simply open to the inner Unknown.

It requires that you remain alert and stop searching.

I am pointing toward a sacredly peaceful joy

that lies deep within every being.

It exists without condition or need

and its simplicity is forever incomprehensible to the mind.

Joy’s subtlety is imperceptible to the senses.

Yet, since it is your Essence, you can

realize this Field of Forever Now.

Within you, there is undifferentiated intelligence

that contains infinite potentiality and creativity.

It is numinous, unconditionally loving, steadfast

and absolutely indestructible.

Upon revelation of this unfathomable dimension,

joy consciously out-pours and its realization is life’s purpose.”

~  Katie Davis  ~

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