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This is one of my favorite current channelers, Carrie Hart as Quado.  There is something about her teachings that is so soothing, so gentle, so open and allowing.  I feel as if she looks on each of us as a whole person and speaks to us from that end point.  We are not someone who hasn’t got it down yet, is still in resistance or hasn’t lined up with it quite yet.  There is nothing to change, nothing wrong with us and nothing to fix, only wholeness to remember.  We are perfection and she has a way of writing so that I actually remember – that is Who I Am.  I do love her for that.

“When the winds of change blow across the land, dust may blow up before
your eyes, making it difficult to find your way. Old ways may disappear
and new ways need to be found.

This is the time to move into faith, into a complete belief that
guidance is there for you and that love still flows endlessly. The
shelter from the winds of change is found only within each moment. It
is not found in the old ways and the old plans. It is certainly not
found by clinging to what was and shedding tears over your dashed
plans and hopes. It is found in embracing what is by going completely
into this moment and this moment only and seeking guidance here.

Every morning, do this. Set aside time to be alone for at least 15
minutes, alone and peaceful, undisturbed, with pen and paper nearby.

Breathe down into a quiet place. If you have fear and doubt clinging
to you, invite an angel to come and pour the waters of love over you,
washing you clean of all fears over the future and all blame and
regrets over the past. Ask her to wash away your doubts and bring you
completely into belief, a deep belief that you are capable of
accessing the answers you need, the guidance that will lead you into
peace and yes, even joy. Feel the angel’s love washing you clean.

Clear your mind of old expectations and intentions, for they contain
the energy of what was. Wash it all away in the angel’s pouring love,
so that you may open to new ways of thinking and being that you have
never dreamt of.

And now, ask a question that is completely open-ended, that can invite
even an answer you have never contemplated. Ask simply, “How shall I
focus my time today?”

And then write down the very first things that come to you in
response, whatever pops into your mind. Write down what you see and
feel as well as what you hear.

If it is unclear or doesn’t make sense at the moment, just write it
down and set it aside. When you come back to it later, it will make
more sense. Do not push and probe. Just let it be.

If you do understand what you received, then your task is simple:
follow the advice you have been given. If you cannot focus all of
your time in this way, then just do what you can. But do it. Follow
it. Every day, without fail, spend at least some portion of your day
focused in the direction you are given.

This is where the answers lie, right here in this moment, in your
intuition and your spirit.

Who you are is known. Your talents and skills are known. The deepest
desires of your heart are known. And all of this is taken into
account, along with information about everything else that is going on
around you, in coming up with the simple guidance you receive when you
ask your question: “How shall I focus my time today?”

If the guidance requires great courage of you, be glad. This is an
excellent sign that you are on the right path, that you have heard and
understood truly. For our paths are meant to challenge us, to allow
us to show who we are, what we are made of and what truly matters to

Allow yourself to be led. You are deeply loved, right now, exactly as
you are. You are cared for. You are guided. Just ask and you will
receive all the guidance you require to deal with the world as it is.”

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