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The thing I like most about waking up in the middle of the night is choosing then to spend time consciously creating my next day.  Last night laying there, I thought about my day and how I would like to feel during the day.  I began to breathe consciously and then silently say: I breathe life into ease, for instance.  And then I’d stop and feel the body sense of what ease would feel like and stay there long enough to feel how good it feels.  And then I went on to silently repeat: I breathe life into contentment.  And again I’d pause and feel what contentment feels like in the body, I’d practice in my mind’s eye walking around wearing contentment.  One thing led to the next and it began a whole series of “I breathe life into….”  It was the most delicious experience.

Today, what I am experiencing is exactly what I breathed life into.  I think I’ll try this whenever I wake up during the night, it will give me something to look forward to.  Oh goodie, I’m awake, time to play with my new process :).  And before you know it, I’m back asleep and the me who wakes up is the one I befriended during the night.  Just another way I make my inner world a friendly place to be.  The world cannot help but reflect that back.

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Following up on my Two Minds post, I’m including below Neville’s words on the topic of two minds or allegiance to the inner/outer world.  This is an excerpt from Awakened Imagination.  Awakened Imagination is a very short read and a great overview on the teachings of Neville Goddard.

I noticed that Wayne Dyer recently thanked Neville Goddard on his PBS special, Excuses Be Gone, for his inspriation on a process he developed from Neville’s work.  I also wrote about my own processes that I adapted from Neville’s teachings under the posts: The Art of Revision, Playing It Forward and Creating Probable Realities.

If you were to read one book of Neville’s, Awakened Imagination would be my highest recommendation.

“Because life molds the outer world to reflect the inner arrangement of our minds, there is no way of bringing about the outer perfection we seek other than by the transformation of ourselves.  No help cometh from without; the hills to which we lift our eyes are those of an inner range.  It is thus to our own consciousness that we must turn as to the only reality, the only foundation on which all phenomena can be explained.  We can rely absolutely on the justice of this law to give us only that which is of the nature of ourselves.

To attempt to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things.  There can be no outer change until there is first an inner change.  As within, so without.

If we would become as emotionally aroused over our ideals as we become over our dislikes, we would ascend to the plane of our ideals as easily as we now descend to the level of our dislikes.”

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Dance Tribute

Excerpts from cnn.com:

CEBU, Philippines (CNN) — Amid the tropical heat of a Philippine prison, convicted murderers, rapists and drug dealers on Saturday paid tribute to Michael Jackson with a reprise of their YouTube dance hit, “Thriller.”

A rendition of Jackson’s 1980s smash hit by prisoners at the Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the central Philippines garnered more than 24 million views since 2007, when prison supervisor Byron Garcia first uploaded it to the video-sharing Web site.

Dancing was introduced at the prison in 2007, as a means of rehabilitating prisoners at a facility once notorious for its gang problem.

He said it gives them a renewed sense of worth and confidence, breaking them of their violent ways. He is convinced his prison is a model for prison authorities everywhere, an example of how to crack the plague of violent prison gangs.

“It brought back their self esteem. We have happy inmates now — we don’t want to go back to the old jail where we had mad, sad inmates,” he said.

In searing temperatures, 1,400 men in bright orange tracksuits performed the 15-minute “Thriller” routine perfectly. They rehearsed for 10 hours the previous day, finally stopping at 3 a.m. to rest ahead of the show.

The superbly-choreographed moves, energy and obvious enthusiasm of the prisoners had the audience — swelled by journalists from around the world — captivated the audience. Several inmates even invited people from the crowd to dance with them.

“I never thought I would ever find myself dancing with a prisoner,” one excited local said.

A local journalist even described the performance as Asia’s best way of paying tribute to Jackson.

Garcia, who says the prison has witnessed no violence in three years, paid tribute to the performers. “I’m so proud of them,” he said. “They got the dance exactly right.”

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May the light at the core of your being illuminate the world…

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One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.   ~William Shakespeare

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Hymn to Eros

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O Eros, silently smiling one, hear me.
Let the shadow of thy wings
brush me.
Let thy presence
enfold me, as if darkness
were swandown.
Let me see that darkness
lamp in hand,
this country become
the other country
sacred to desire.

Drowsy god,
slow the wheels of my thought
so that I listen only
to the snowfall hush of
thy circling.
Close my beloved with me
in the smoke ring of thy power,
that we may be, each to the other,
figures of flame,
figures of smoke,
figures of flesh
newly seen in the dusk.

~Denise Levertov~
Poems 1960-1967

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The inner conversation – we are all having one during our waking hours, off and on throughout the day.  Those inner conversations that are consistently repeated are the ones deemed to have a creative force in our lives.  They are a good indicator of what we believe and what we take to be real in this world. And if the inner conversation is saying how fabulous you are and how great life is, then go live your groovy life and stop reading this now.  But if you have a day where the inner conversation is not so desirable, then read on.

When you dream at night, do you ever get the sense that there is the you experiencing the dream and there is also someone watching the dream unfold? There is this other presence on the periphery that is not experientially in the dream but on the outskirts of it just watching.  This other presence is really a version of you, an internal you.  She or he is a neutral observer in the dream and holds no opinion or judgment about what is unfolding.  This other presence is unmoved by circumstances or events.

You can re-create this version of you, this neutral watcher/observer, this internal you, in your waking hours.  Next time you are having a less than desirable inner conversation, take a deep breath.  I love conscious deep breaths, they are such a good cleansing and transitioning tool.  Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine that you are driving a car.  Feel the steering wheel, your foot on the pedal, driving down the road and still engaged in your inner conversation.  Now glance to your side over to the passenger seat and see another version of yourself seated in the passenger seat.  This is your other presence, the version of you who is on the periphery.  The one who has no investment in your inner conversation, is unmoved by it.  It just watches you.  This presence is completely neutral.  Yet, it is also you.  You are both the one having the inner conversation and the one on the periphery.

Now try maintaining this inner conversation while you are behind the wheel of your imaginary car with your other presence seated on the passenger side. It’s not possible any more.  And you did nothing to try and alter that conversation except play a little imaginary game that momentarily shifted your awareness.  Now, unencumbered by less than desirable inner conversations, you are free to turn your attention to the inner conversations that put a little spring in your step and leave you spontaneously humming for seemingly no good reason.

The world is a friendly place, when we are inwardly a friendly place and befriending the self is ultimately to love oneself.

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cateatingpaperSeveral years ago one of my beloved cats died.  Her name was Nellie and she lived to be 21 years old.  She had the odd habit of eating paper and perhaps that added to her longevity :).  I’ll never know for certain.  One day I had to send my daughter to school with a note: the cat ate my homework.  No joke.  I’m not sure that the teacher ever believed us though.

Now we have Bob, our little white furred blue eyed one – not so little anymore!  And guess what?  He likes to eat paper, too! I was eye-ing my stack of trays where I keep papers.  I’d already hidden the papers on a lower tray where he couldn’t get to them. The only thing left on the top tray was one of those thick manila folders.  And by gosh, he chewed that too :).  Well it led me to actually take a look in that folder and I opened up a veritable treasure trove of goodies.  I found notes from old Abraham workshops, tons of quotes and a few things friends had written and some that I had written.

I belong to a small Internet group of gal pals.  Our common link was/is an interest in Abraham and metaphysical/consciousness studies.  About 3 years ago a few of my gal pals were having a rough go of it and I found this in that chewed up folder which I wrote to them to give them some comfort.  Perhaps it will bring comfort to anyone who is asking for it today.

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I don’t have all the answers right this minute, but my Source does

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can ask for help anytime I want

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I’m not in this alone

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

The Universe is on my side and so am I

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can be gentle with myself even when I’m in funkytown, even when I don’t feel good

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can be gentle with myself especially then

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I have people who love me, who hold the Light for me, cheer me on and root for me

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I’ve been near this neighborhood before and I’ve been lost a time or two but I always, always find my way back Home

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Last night while you slept, the All Souls meeting was held
The western hemisphere convened in Rio Di Janeiro
And the eastern in New Dehli
With conferencing between the two via telepathy

Up for discussion and a vote:
Shall we reveal to human forms that there really is
no death?
All other life forms intuitively understand this
many people are still unaware that they shall shed
a body but not life itself

The vote:
47% nay
44% yay
9% as yet undecided

When interviewed, the nay-sayers felt the revelation
might be comforting to some and yet frightening to others

“Forever life and no ended-ness can be too overwhelming,”
stated one nay-sayer soul

And so it was tabled for a future All Souls meeting

Forever-ness continues quietly behind the scenes
Deferred but not forgotten or denied

Every now and again, a human slips past the Veil of
Knowledge and becomes aware of Forever-ness

And their ecstacy ripples throughout the Universe

Dedicated to my Daddy

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“…you have the capability to realize the joy of true fulfillment.

You simply open to the inner Unknown.

It requires that you remain alert and stop searching.

I am pointing toward a sacredly peaceful joy

that lies deep within every being.

It exists without condition or need

and its simplicity is forever incomprehensible to the mind.

Joy’s subtlety is imperceptible to the senses.

Yet, since it is your Essence, you can

realize this Field of Forever Now.

Within you, there is undifferentiated intelligence

that contains infinite potentiality and creativity.

It is numinous, unconditionally loving, steadfast

and absolutely indestructible.

Upon revelation of this unfathomable dimension,

joy consciously out-pours and its realization is life’s purpose.”

~  Katie Davis  ~

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