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The Friend

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Today,  I recognized
that the jewel-like beauty
is the Presence,

Our loving confusion
the glow in which
watery clay gets
brighter than fire,
the One we call the Friend.

I begged, “Is there a way into you, a ladder?”
“Your head is the ladder,
bring it down under your feet.”

The mind, this globe of awareness,
is a starry Universe that when you push off
with your foot,
a thousand new roads
become clear,
as you yourself do
at dawn, sailing
through the light.

~Jelaluddin Rumi~
The Illuminated Rumi
Translation Coleman Barks

I love both the images this Rumi poem evokes and the metaphor for the way into Presence – that it can’t be found at the level of the thinking mind.  You must abandon the thinking mind, “push off of it”, to discover the true clarity in Presence.  Love that.

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