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open mind

You must look into the face of vulnerability to find joy. You cannot find a joy unless you accept vulnerability. Even the gods know vulnerability—and that is why they live. And because I have known vulnerability, I am still alive.

I give you then all the peace and joy that you can hold. But you cannot hold peace and joy like a stone in your hand. For it goes through you and out into others. You need know—you need know nothing—you need know nothing in intellectual terms…

And so peace and joy be with you in all days.

Now I bless you, but the blessings must come from yourselves. The real blessings must come from yourselves.

You must realize that you are one with All That Is, and within you is the only one who can give blessings, and you must be willing to accept the blessing that only you can give, and the joy that only you can give to yourselves and to one another.

There should never be a word in any language that means repentance.

There should only be a word that means, “I bless,” for when you bless you do not need to repent. And when you accept a blessing, you do not need to repent. For when you realize how to accept a blessing, there is nothing to repent.

Love of All That Is requires simply that you become open as air, for when you are open as air then the joy of All That Is flows through you indiscriminately, and there is nothing to repent. You only need repentance when you do not know joy.

For within joy and within All That Is there is only glory that is only consciousness and song.

There is only blessedness.

When you berate yourself for your sins, then you do not realize what joy is.

And All That Is is consciousness and joy.

Do you berate a flower that has one crooked stem? So in your selves, know spontaneity. And in spontaneity you will find joy. Spontaneity has its own discipline. You do not need to enforce discipline upon it. You need not enforce discipline upon it.

Pretend that the bony tissue of your skulls does not exist. And let the energy of All That Is flow through you as indiscriminately as clouds through the skies. Do not say, “I will accept this and I will deny this.” The knowledge that is within yourselves knows. You do not have to fear the spontaneous.

You do not need to fear that if you allow yourselves freedom you will travel into evil ways. Conscious restraints can lead you into avenues of denial.

But the inner selves, knowing their position within All That Is, do not fear denial.

What appears to you as evil is a result of your own ignorance.

There is purpose in all things.

In your spontaneity then, never forget the sacred uniqueness of a shadow upon a road, the shape of a leaf, the stain upon a coffee cup—in these simple things find a hint of your own uniqueness and travel beyond them—and ignore conscious restraint that would bind you. Let the inner intuitive sense speak for it is the inner voice, and the magic that unites you has no need of conscious words…

Seth~Jane Roberts
February 25, 1969, ESP Class session (excerpt)

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Fans of QM/QP, Seth, What the Bleep, Field Center and more will like this video clip which contains several of the WTB scientisits, a few that were only seen in the extended version.  Do you all remember the bumper sticker that read: Question Authority?  If I could summarize this video in two words it would be: Question Reality.  The moment you question it, you cease to be captivated and fascinated by it.  It loses its spell over you.  Now from this questioning, uncertain stance suddenly what seemed so real is now fluid and malleable.  This is the place where anything can change in an instant.  That’s my new t-shirt: Question Reality.

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The Friend

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Today,  I recognized
that the jewel-like beauty
is the Presence,

Our loving confusion
the glow in which
watery clay gets
brighter than fire,
the One we call the Friend.

I begged, “Is there a way into you, a ladder?”
“Your head is the ladder,
bring it down under your feet.”

The mind, this globe of awareness,
is a starry Universe that when you push off
with your foot,
a thousand new roads
become clear,
as you yourself do
at dawn, sailing
through the light.

~Jelaluddin Rumi~
The Illuminated Rumi
Translation Coleman Barks

I love both the images this Rumi poem evokes and the metaphor for the way into Presence – that it can’t be found at the level of the thinking mind.  You must abandon the thinking mind, “push off of it”, to discover the true clarity in Presence.  Love that.

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Normally I wouldn’t even consider putting a 16 minute youtube video on my blog.  If you have found this post and don’t have the time to watch this video, bookmark it and come back to it.  I promise you, you will feel better for it and it’s for free!  This is such an inspiring, touching and extremely well made video.  Make the time, it will be so worth it.  I promise I would not steer you wrong – you’ll come back and want to say: Bethie, you are sooooo fabulous! :)

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Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



The Gift: Poems by Hafiz
Translations by Daniel Ladinsky

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Maybe All This


Maybe all this
is happening in some lab?
Under one lamp by day
and billions by night?

Maybe we’re experimental generations?
Poured from one vial to the next,
shaken in test tubes,
not scrutinized by eyes alone,
each of us separately
plucked up by tweezers in the end?

Or maybe it’s more like this:
No interference?
The changes occur on their own
according to plan?
The graph’s needle slowly etches
its predictable zigzags?

Maybe thus far we aren’t of much interest?
The control monitors aren’t usually plugged in?
Only for wars, preferably large ones,
for the odd ascent above our clump of Earth,
for major migrations from point A to B?

Maybe just the opposite:
They’ve got a taste for trivia up there?
Look! on the big screen a little girl
is sewing a button on her sleeve.
The radar shrieks,
the staff comes at a run.
What a darling little being
with its tiny heart beating inside it!
How sweet, it’s solemn
threading of the needle!
Someone cries enraptured:

Get the Boss,
tell him he’s got to see this for himself!

~Wislawa Szymborska~
view with a grain of sand: selected poems

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how do you say Live
to one who is backstage rehearsing their lines

how do you say Take flight
when you no longer dream of flying

how do you say Dive
to one who is afraid of drowning

how do you say Heal this heart
even as it wails in tender grief

how do you say Now, not a moment longer
to one who pretends it doesn’t matter anymore

how do you say Trust
when you can’t see through the darkness

how do you say Unfurl
when you want to fold up

how do you say Drop everything now
run, run, run to the Beloved

how do you say Let yourself be
drenched in Him

how do you say Grasp the Beloved’s hand
firmly in yours,

how do you say, Don’t let go
He knows the way.


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“We are what is missing from the world”
~Fernando Pessoa


Some questions have no answer.
Raised, they hang there in the mind
Like open mouths, full of something missing.
The great Portuguese poet, Pessoa,
Said that the idea of happiness
Is what makes men permanently sad.
The body, imagining the soul,
Looks ugly to itself.
A man hears a word, and the world
Becomes a place that he misunderstands.
So he climbs high into his life,
Ashamed of all he doesn’t know,
And refuses to come down.

If you could coax him out again,
You could tell him, say,
That anything can be explained.
The shape of apples, for example,
By their love of travel.
Or that the sky is blue because
It’s an easy color on the eyes.

Even the dog, chasing its tail,
Has temporarily, a center.
Even the bird, disappearing into his hole
Knows that the world goes on without it.
And Pessoa, that eminently healthy man,
That artist, wore a blue wool hat
Even on the hottest summer days.
Simply to toss at strangers in the street.
He liked to see them catch it,
And grow immediately less strange.

~Tony Hoagland~
what have you lost?
Poems Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye


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Come with me now, down this garden path, and sit with me at this stream.  Watch how the water flows by.  See how it flows over and around the rocks.  See how it flows even where there are obstacles; even a dam of rocks, higher than the bed of the stream, cannot stop the flow.  It may hold back the water for a time, but eventually, the water will prevail.  It may rise up and flow over the top of the dam.  It may simply leave the banks of the stream, spread out and go around the dam.  Or it may find the weakness in the dam and through its relentless pressure cause the dam to crumble as the water is let loose to flow freely again.

This water is love, the source of all being.  It is freedom and power, unrelenting, unending.  It overcomes all barriers which lie before it through its unending flow.  But yet its pressure is gentle.  For the rocks over which it flows, it is soothing and purifying.  For that which dwells within it and on the banks along the side, it is a life giver, flowing and gentle.  And yet, when it is thwarted, as with the dam, it prevails through its unrelenting nature.

There is nothing that you can do, nothing you can fail to do, that will keep love from you.  There is no blame you can place upon yourself that will stop the flow of love in your life.  Love is the blood that flows in your veins, the breath that goes in and out of your body.  Love is an essential part of who you are.  It cannot be stopped.  It cannot be overcome.  And even if it is forced underground for a time, still it flows and will again be made visible in your life.

You are blameless before this love.  You are not judged and found wanting.  You, exactly as you are right now, are deeply loved, are a part of love, are made of love eternal.  You breathe and it flows.  You live and it flows.  You are love.

The life-giving source is within you and it is the foundation of your freedom.  The more you allow yourself to become one with the flow of love, the more freedom you will experience in your life.  The more you give it away, the more it will flow in to fill you.  The more you acknowledge its presence within you, the more you will flow and glow with love and freedom, going so deeply into the holy center of love that you finally see and know and feel who you are:  a shining beacon of love and light in human form, as holy and free as anyone who has ever walked the earth and ever will.  You–yes, you–are the ultimate expression of love.

The rocks of fear may pile up around you and in front of you, but you are not those rocks.  You are the flowing stream of love and you will prevail over the barriers and watch them crumble and tumble before you.  Such is your power, the power of love.

~Quado, as channeled by Carrie Hart

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I found this movie trailer on youtube.  It’s very much in the What The Bleep genre.  To my knowledge you can only order the movie on DVD, at this time.  I intend to get it and I’ll report back anything wonderful in it.  In the meantime, it asks a question: What if it were true, would you take the leap?  I don’t fully know the context of the question but I like to entertain the notion that it’s about something that is your heart’s desire which you have not yet seen manifest but you now know for certain it is true for you.  How would you act, who would you be, what leaps might you take that you’ve previously held back on?

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