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Misty Morning


I forget that I twitter and even though I lost my twitter virginity awhile ago,
I’ve never officially posted a tweet, it’s always been about blogging.

So here goes…

After a couple of days of uncharacteristic summery warm and sunny weather,
I find it a comfort to wake up to a cool, gray and misty morning.  It feels all
soft around the edges now.  Everything glitters in the sunlight but it has it’s
harsh quality, too; nothing escapes it, for instance.  Pacific Northwest you
continue to grow on me and perhaps, me on you.

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I Want

In honor of Earth Day, it just had to be Mary Oliver that I would select, who reflects here on the foundation of Earth Day, being in partnership with our Earth


I want to be
in partnership
with the universe

like the tiger lily
poking up
its gorgeous head

among the so-called
useless weeds
in the uncultivated fields

that still abide.
But it’s okay
if, after all,

I’m not a lily,
but only grass
in a clutch of curly grass

waving in the wind,
staring sunward: one of those
sweet, abrasive blades.

Poems by Mary Oliver

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